Best City In The World For Living

By | March 31, 2023

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For the second year in a row, Taiwan’s capital took the top spot as the best city to live as an expat. Expats are very happy with the high quality of life in Taipei, which ranks it as the third city in the world, behind only Tokyo, Japan (2nd) and Zug, Switzerland (1st). Almost all expats (98%) are satisfied with local transportation (vs. 70% globally), and many (94%) are happy with the availability of healthcare in the city (vs. 73% globally). Taiwan’s capital is also one of the leading cities in terms of housing and living costs, ranking fourth in the world for the index. About seven in ten expats appreciate the local cost of living (71% vs. 43% globally) and are satisfied with their financial situation (69% vs. 57% globally).

Best City In The World For Living

Best City In The World For Living

Taipei fared worse in terms of work life (20th) and stability (18th). The latter is mainly due to expats struggling with the local language (50th), as the city is still chosen among the top 10 for the friendliness of the area (4th) and friends and friendship (9). Four out of five respondents (80%) find locals friendly (vs. 64% globally), and two out of three (67%) enjoy their social life (vs. 55% globally).

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While Kuala Lumpur ranked second overall in the Expat City Ranking 2019, it was voted the easiest city in the world to live in as an expat. Three-quarters of expats (75%) feel at home in Kuala Lumpur (vs. 64% globally), and 69% enjoy the social life (vs. 55% globally). Language is also not a problem, as 92% find it easier to live in a city without speaking the local language (vs. 47% worldwide). “

” When it comes to the Local Cost of Living Index (2nd) and Finance & Housing (2nd), expats don’t complain either: nearly four out of five (78%) are satisfied with the local cost of living (vs. 43). % of the world), and 75% find affordable housing (vs. 36% worldwide). British expats say Kuala Lumpur”

Expat satisfaction with work life is mixed, ranking Kuala Lumpur 26th worldwide in the following index. “

Describes a Bangladeshi expat. While expats are satisfied with their jobs in general (5th), they are unhappy with local job opportunities (50th). Only 47% of respondents gave a positive rating, which is below the global average (51%).

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Ranked third worldwide, Ho Chi Minh City ranks well in all areas of the Expat City Rankings except for the City Quality of Life Index (63). With almost nine in 10 (87%) saying it was easy to find housing (vs. 50% globally), and 77% happy with their financial situation (vs. 57% globally), the city topped the rankings. Financial & Housing Index for second year. This is similar to the Local Cost of Living Index (1st), with 81% rating this factor positively (vs. 43% globally). Ho Chi Minh City is also famous for its thriving work life (3), beaten only by Prague, Czech Republic (2) and Aachen, Germany (1) in the index. Expats are more satisfied with their jobs in general (79% vs. 64% globally), local job opportunities (68% vs. 51% globally), and working hours (75% vs. 62% globally). Also, Ho Chi Minh City ranked third in the world for Community Friendly and Friends & Socialization sub-categories. When asked what he likes about Ho Chi Minh City, one respondent from the Philippines replied: “

It is easy to deal with people here, and the cost of living is good.

The only blind spot seems to be city life (63rd), especially when it comes to the beauty of the area (73rd). Almost half of respondents (47%) say the latter is bad (vs.17% globally). “

Best City In The World For Living

I don’t like dirty roads, poor environmental management, lack of awareness about plastic, but also very bad waste management. Everyone throws their garbage in the streets of the city;

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” complained one German citizen. Finally, expats also dislike local leisure activities (68th) and travel options (64th).

Not only compared to all Asian cities in the Expat City Ranking 2019, but also worldwide, Singapore is famous for its safety. In fact, every respondent in Singapore (100%) is concerned about their own safety (vs. 81% globally), and most (88%) are also satisfied with political stability (vs. 61% globally). Also, almost all (99%) are happy with the transport infrastructure (vs. 70% globally), landing Singapore in the top 10 cities for the overall Quality of Urban Living Index (9th). This is similar to the Getting Settled Index (7th): expats are more likely to adapt to the local culture (77% vs. 62% globally), make new friends (58% vs. 45% globally), and enjoy social life (67% vs. 55% globally).

While Singapore also ranks well in the Finance & Housing Index (15th), the current cost of living (54th) appears to be lacking. More than half of the participants in the survey (52%) did not like this aspect (vs. 38% globally), and one country in South Africa explained that: “

The high cost of basic necessities such as health care makes it difficult, as does the high cost of transportation when traveling by car or taxi.

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” In the Urban Work Life Index (40), work-life balance (61) is the weakest point in Singapore: close to a quarter of expats (23%) are unhappy with working hours (vs. 19% globally). “

” complained one Swiss citizen. This may be the reason why 24% of expats are worried about job security, compared to 21% globally. Expats, however, are more satisfied with Singapore’s economic situation (90% vs. 66% globally).

Ranked fifth out of 82 in the Expat City Ranking 2019 survey, Montréal surpasses other Canadian cities in several areas: the best Canadian city in Urban Work Life (10th in the world), Cost of Living (11th), and Finance &. Home (8) Index. Finally, it ranks fifth in the world in terms of Housing: more than three out of five expats (62%) rate positive housing affordability (vs. 36% globally), and almost four out of five (79%) say that. it is easier for foreigners to find a place to live (vs. 50% of the world). When asked about his favorite place to live in Montreal, one Dutch expat spoke about it

Best City In The World For Living

. In fact, Montréal ranks 33rd for expat satisfaction with their financial situation (61% happy vs. 57% globally), while Toronto (79th) and Vancouver (80th) sit in the bottom 5 globally.

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In terms of work life, nearly two-thirds of expats (65%) rate local job opportunities positively (vs. 51% globally). Montréal also ranked third in the Work-Life Balance subcategory – just beaten. Beyond work life, expats enjoy the leisure options available in Montréal (9th), and Mexican expat stocks are available.

Despite this, Montréal only ranks 41st in the Quality of Urban Living Index, for example, 22% are not satisfied with the availability of healthcare in the city (vs. 13% worldwide) and 48% of expats are not interested. weather and climate (vs. 23% globally).

Ranked sixth out of 82 cities in the Expat City Ranking 2019, Lisbon was selected among the top 10 cities in the world for innovation (6th) and quality of life (10th). Foreigners feel welcome in Lisbon (three) because almost four out of five (79%) think it is easy to adapt to the local culture (vs. 62% of the world). It helps that 88% of expats are satisfied with socializing and leisure activities (vs. 65% globally), and another 90% find Portuguese people generally friendly (vs. 68% globally). Expats say

When asked what he likes most about living in Lisbon. In fact, 69% of expats in Lisbon are happy with their social life (vs. 55% worldwide). In the Quality of Urban Living Index, expats not only like Lisbon’s places to relax (ten) but also the weather and climate (three) – only Miami (second) and Barcelona (first) are better in this regard. Finally, more than nine in ten (92%) rated the quality of the environment positively (vs. 71% globally), and one Canadian respondent emphasized.

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At the bottom, Lisbon ranks lowest in the Urban Work Life Index (50th). In terms of local job opportunities, it is even among the top 10 cities in the world (73). Expat from Ukraine said that

. The city is also below average for job security (57th) and the state of the local economy (55th), but expats like their work-life balance (13th): 74% rate this as good, compared to 60% worldwide. .

Ranked 7th out of 82 cities in the Expat City Ranking 2019, Barcelona has been voted the best city in the world in the Leisure & Climate subcategory: Almost every expat likes the local climate (98% vs. 59% worldwide) and the locality. entertainment. preference in cities (95% vs. 74% globally). abide”

Best City In The World For Living

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