Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

By | April 8, 2023
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Of course, the greenest gift is writing a lovely note or poem, baking a cake or donating our time…but now that we’re out of the lockdown, overtime isn’t as plentiful as it used to be. We have no complaints!

Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Still, you’re probably reading this summary because, ideally, you want to offer something meaningful. Well, we have discovered that gifts and gift experiences not only bring joy to the person who receives them, but in many cases, give back to the community or the person who made them.

Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas That Will Blow Anyone Away

To make this list, the first consideration is that sustainability and ethics must be at the heart of the business, not just the products we list.

We then find gifts for everyone from babies to grandparents and send samples appropriate for the relevant age group to test. We’re especially looking for gifts that are different – that make a difference – and we’ve considered options for every budget.

These online courses were IndyBest’s top picks during last year’s lockdown. This year, there is an option to take classes online or…wait for it…in person! No matter what the new year brings, you don’t have to follow the same old cooking habits. What better way to pass the time than learning new recipes and interacting with new friends? Tina’s Filipino ukoy and adobo cooking class made for a fun evening while also giving us an insight into the cultural elements of the dish.

The icing on the cake is Migrateful’s mission to empower and celebrate refugees and vulnerable immigrants as they integrate into society – another way food has the power to bring people together. Tip: If you’re joining at home online, we recommend that you measure and have your ingredients ready before you start.

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List (2021)

Of course, we dreamed of escaping to the country. Of course, we city dwellers have all considered moving there. So why not book a different stay? The package includes everything you need for a weekend in the country, a nice hotel – in fact the Royal Oak has just won ‘Hotel of the Year’ as part of the Good Hotel Guide’s Caesar Awards – and part of a very large country pub.

It also includes a two-hour safari at Helen Browning Organics’ 500-acre Easterbrook Farm in North Wiltshire, where you can enjoy the scenery and farm animals, and even get up close and personal with the pigs. You get to learn how farms work as part of a wider ecosystem and learn what organic farming really means…if you choose to learn full English in the morning, maybe don’t ask where it’s from the sausages are coming.

Give the gift of wine without a hangover this Christmas. Packaged in wooden gift boxes, these organic drinks are made without any added preservatives, sulfur dioxide or sulphites. They are one of the purest wines and, according to the rumor, can be had the next day (after “moderate” eating) without worrying about “bad heads”.

Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

The secret cuvée range of organic wines is produced by Jean-Claude Mas in the Languedoc region of France. Chardonnay is golden in color with an intense aroma of brioche and hazelnut, complemented by grapes. The palate is smooth with intense pineapple, mango and melon flavours. Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon is deep black with rich layers of red currant, black cherry and plum. Very refined and expressive, it can be enjoyed with or without food. Tip: As with most sulphur-free wines, once opened, it will continue to improve.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts Of 2022 (that Aren’t A Reusable Straw)

You can rarely go wrong with a Christmas wine gift, especially if you’re not invited. Mermaid gin is great for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it tastes – samphire (known locally as ‘mermaid’s kiss’ on the Isle of Wight) is the main botanical ingredient, so it’s fresh and slightly savory with a smooth palate.

But we also love this gin for its handsome bottle and sustainability credentials. The gin is made using foraged and organic ingredients and the company works with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to monitor and restore seagrass meadows. The bottle alone took a year to design so that it could be made from sustainable materials and be free of plastic…and there is a desire (googling) to turn them into funky lights so very little waste.

Tea, chocolate, turmeric chai latte mix… is there more goodness to pack in one box for a cozy winter’s night?

Kib Teas is dedicated to making rich and delicious teas using renewable ingredients from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. This means that farming methods give more than they take from the soil and the environment. It also means they work with small farms, including many that are led by women and pay more than the minimum wage (the brand aims to have everyone on a living wage by the start of next year ). Oh, and all the packaging is recyclable and compostable.

Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

For the picky coffee drinker in your life, wouldn’t waking up to fresh specialty coffee delivered straight to their door get any better? Well, yes, if it’s coffee from Redemption Roasters – a prison roaster. It exists to provide alternative employment routes for those whose jobs are often overlooked. Getting a job is the biggest factor in preventing someone from re-offending, but prejudice, stigma and fear make it difficult for people who break prison to find work.

The roasters source their coffee from all over the world, including the Galapagos Islands, with a preference for small farmers. Where possible, Redemption Roasters also buys coffee that fits its ethos – for example, a project called “Spirit of Peace” sees ex-combatants in Colombia being rehabilitated through their work as smallholder coffee farmers. Everyone in the supply chain is paid a living wage.

We couldn’t think of a more beautiful gift than this. Hand Me Down Book Club was founded to “keep books from being sent to landfill when there are still great stories to be told”. Basically, this means you choose your favorite genre and receive a selection of second-hand books, tied with string and, if you’re lucky, the lovely touch of a Clipper tea bag as you read With thousands of members now, a model will soon emerge that will allow subscribers to send books back to be redistributed again.

Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Now that we are slowly returning to the office, the days of the Christmas jumper are back. While buying a new sweater every year isn’t sustainable, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to buy a gift that someone else won’t mind giving year after year. And let’s be honest, national treasure David Attenborough never goes out of style. Although there are questions about the sustainability of using recycled plastic bottles for yarn, not only that. It is a social enterprise, and its production process is waste-free. For every David Attenbrrr sweater sold, the company donates 50% of the proceeds to environmental charities.

Eco Friendly Gifts For 2021: The Green Gift Guide

Is it even Christmas if someone, somewhere isn’t giving away a pair of slippers? Made from eco-friendly jute, these comfortable soles mold to the feet for comfort and support. The best part is that they are made by women facing barriers to living wage employment in London in Bethnal Green, East London. NOTE: As they are custom made, there is a three week wait, so it is best to get there as soon as possible.

For anyone who likes paper calendars, this beautifully illustrated calendar from the Land Workers’ Alliance is a great choice. Each month showcases a different practice that is part of the solution to cooling the planet and building a world with justice and community at its core.

Who doesn’t need a burst of sunshine when winter is upon us? Each ray of light on these stunning earrings is meticulously handcrafted to create a sunburst pattern that showcases the talented craftsmanship of the Kenyan artisans who craft them. Yala Jewelery offers the opportunity to own beautiful contemporary jewelery inspired by Africa, which creates financial opportunities for artisans working in Kenya’s informal sector. All Yala materials are recycled, reused or recycled. These earrings are made from recycled brass and are available in 24k gold or silver plating (recycled).

There are your standard cufflinks, as well as Elvis & Kresse wraparound cufflinks, handmade from retired fire hoses. Available in red or, rarely, yellow, they add a chic pop of color to any outfit. In addition, they can be optionally personalized with fine laser engraving. 50% of the profits from the fire hose collection go to the firefighters’ charity.

Green Gift Wrap: 12 Creative And Sustainable Ways To Wrap Presents

These geometric beauties will add a lovely pop of color to your home, but they’re more than simple planters. First, they are

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