Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

By | February 23, 2023

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App – Looking for the best email marketing app to grow your Shopify store? Then you are in the right place!

In this article, I’ve reviewed the top email services that integrate directly with Shopify. I have covered the main features and their pros and cons that you may want to keep in mind before purchasing them.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

Before we dive in, let’s quickly go over why you should do some shopping before investing in one of these apps.

Best Shopify Email Marketing App Integrations (2023 Update)

There are hundreds of amazing email services available in the market. So why bother comparing them?

Despite the fact that they come from different contexts, it is important to remember that not all Shopify email marketing applications provide the same support for e-commerce.

Some offer the least amount of features – allowing you to create simple email templates, send out promotional messages, and segment your customers based on their own characteristics.

But there are also many email marketing products that allow you to send email marketing, set up email campaigns to help you get repeat sales, and even reach customers on marketing other such as SMS messages or a website.

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In addition to the price and number of features that the email marketing application offers, you will also want to make sure that the tool you are going to choose can be integrated directly by Shopify and it’s easy to use. The simplicity means that the dashboard is intuitive and available in your local language (if your language is not English).

You don’t want to waste time working with an email editor that is clunky or makes it difficult to create amazing email templates. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure that the analytics dashboards provide you with actionable data that will help you manage your email marketing strategy.

And if you do get stuck, you’ll want to know that your email marketing service has your back—providing not only valuable information but also much-needed training and support time. 24/7.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

As a business owner, here are the main features you will want to look for in your email marketing service:

Best Email Marketing For Shopify: Top 13 Tools Ranked

Now that you know what to look for, let’s look at the tools that can help you optimize your email marketing.

As you will read later in this article, there are good and effective features that every online store will find useful.

But to make sure you’re making the best decision for your business, consider checking out the following trends.

Let’s expand a bit on these features and look at the pros and cons of each email marketing.

Best Shopify Apps For Businesses With Explosive Growth

An email and marketing automation platform that allows you to reach your customers through emails, SMS, web calls, live chat, etc.

Is an email and marketing software for small and medium businesses that also packs many tools for growing retail businesses.

With, you can create and send marketing emails that look great on any device. It has beautiful pre-designed email templates as well as an email builder with advanced features like an inbox and dark type preview that will make your campaigns pixel perfect.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

Once integrated with your Shopify store, you can also use customer data to create segments and send targeted email campaigns. That means all your messages will have more impact and generate more sales.

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In addition to regular email marketing, this platform also comes with a whole set of other features that are important to Shopify buyers.

And that’s just part of all the features you’ll find inside. You will benefit from paid advertising, Website Builder, landing page builder, webinars, and conversion funnels.

If your language is not English, you may want to know that the dashboard is available in 10+ languages, and has email support in 8 languages.

There are many free plans that include 2,500 newsletters, documents and popups, a website builder, a landing page, as well as access to all professional features for 30 days .

Email Marketing Services To Hype Your Online Store (2023)

An advanced email and marketing automation platform that lets you reach your customers through emails, SMS, web calls, live chat, and more

Klaviyo is another email marketing app that should be on your radar if you want to grow your Shopify store.

It packs some advanced email marketing features and automation, allowing you to set the best conditions for attracting new and repeat customers.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

To create your email campaigns, you have two options. You can start from scratch using their new email or choose one of the ready-made templates available from the original email builder.

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The new drag and drop builder is powerful, provides full customization options and even provides logic settings for displaying a graphic element.

The older version is not as flexible and intuitive, but it is still usable for small businesses without a graphic designer on the team.

The automation capabilities are very useful, with the most important functions such as card removal plans and routines.

The disadvantage is that the platform focuses mainly on emails and SMS, not being able to deal with other important marketing activities such as website pushing or paid advertising.

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Klaviyo prices vary depending on the size of your list and the number of SMS you want to send per month.

For a large email list of 1,000 contacts, the monthly bill will be $45/mo (email only) and $60/mo (email and 1,250 SMS).

When it comes to email marketing capabilities, the platform has a wide range of features. It allows you to send targeted ads, run A/B tests, and even send your message back to those who didn’t open your first email.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

The tool only has a handful of email templates (around 10), but the ones provided seem to be made with online sources in mind.

Free Shopify Apps To Help You Build & Grow Your Store

The email editor is intuitive and modern, although it lacks some important features such as graphic design, free images, mobile optimization of content, or dark sky preview.

Overall, it’s a good email service, but it seems to be aimed at more advanced users who have their business tools designed by the designer.

In addition, it also has an email plan priced at $20/mo. up to 1,000 calls and email & SMS plan priced at $59/month. up to 1,000 calls and up to 3,933 SMS/month.

ActiveCampaign is another popular email marketing platform, mostly focused on automation features that help you grow your Shopify store.

Top 10 Best Free Email Marketing App For Shopify

It comes with over 500 pre-built automation workflows that allow you to send welcome emails, post-purchase updates, and many other events.

Although the platform seems to focus on B2B and sales automation, it is also connected to major business platforms, including Shopify.

Its email creator is beautiful, but a bit simple, without important features such as a free image library, a section that allows you to create a design like a zig-zag or two lines.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

ActiveCampaign has many good email templates, although they are a bit outdated so you need more time to polish them before publishing a big email campaign.

Best Email Marketing App For Shopify

The design of the registration form is very limited although it is very elegant. It allows you to collect important information about your website visitors, but you won’t be able to make advanced plans or time delay your articles.

Additionally, there are three payment methods where Shopify integration is available – Lite, Premium, and Professional from $39 to $187 for up to 1,000 contacts.

Sendinblue is a marketing automation platform that allows you to send email blasts, run SMS campaigns, set up landing pages, or promote your business with paid advertising.

When it comes to the basic functions of email marketing, the platform has a good number of ready-made templates (40+) – although they are quite old – with an intuitive email creator you can use to create your change plans.

Best Email Marketing Apps For Shopify To Get Sales In 2023

The editor also comes with free images (about 200), the creator of the image editor, and the ability to display the content according to the recipient according to certain conditions.

Sendinblue includes automated actions grouped according to their goals: improve communication, drive ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​more traffic, increase income, or build relationships.

The functionality you can create with this tool can be very powerful. However, if you are just starting out the editor may feel a little intimidating. It is also very strict, because it does not allow you to choose where each element is placed. Therefore, if you are going to create a very high position, you will end up with a long, straight job that will be difficult to analyze.

Best Free Shopify Email Marketing App

Sendinblue offers a free plan with unlimited users with a sending cap of up to 300 emails per day.

Seguno: Email Marketing

There are also two main payment methods, which also have unlimited calls but have limited features and distribution amounts.

Starter plans start at $25/month. up to 20,000 emails per month and automation for 2,000 contacts. The Business Plan is priced at $65/month. there is also up to 20,000 emails but no automation limit.

The email builder looks modern and easy to use. It comes with many free blocks and images powered by Unsplash. The strange thing, however, is that the email editor won’t let you add multiple types of sections (for example, two lines) unless your template already has one.

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