Best Restaurant Social Media Campaigns

By | March 9, 2023

Best Restaurant Social Media Campaigns – The right advertising mix for you is defined by your business goals. Whether you’re just promoting, hoping to rebrand or trying to establish yourself as a destination for a certain type of food, a great marketing plan can do it. Traditionally, food advertisements have tried to evoke emotions by focusing on the food itself. However, while food models still play a role, storytelling, brand power and relevance to a particular lifestyle are also increasing. And of course, the advertising methods you choose should be guided by who your customers are, and where they can find you. Keep up with the latest marketing ideas and trends. From harnessing a little FOMO on social media, to creating an unforgettable TV ad, we’re taking a look at some of the best ads of the past few years and what you can learn from them. 1. Bertie’s Serves Local Celebrities – Online Video Sometimes successful owners decide to do something new, such as expanding their brand by opening others offering different types of food. Bertie’s and Bar, recently opened in Edinburgh, Scotland, fits this category perfectly. The owners, Vittoria Group, are responsible for others in the city such as Leith’s La Favorita. If you are launching a new business but want to emphasize that you are part of the neighborhood, including some local celebrities is a good place to start. You can go down the tried and tested route of inserting your screen, but Bertie decided to do something a little more creative. As part of the campaign to promote Edinburgh’s fish and chips, local football captains from sports clubs Hibs (Hibernian) and Hearts (Heartof Midlothian) David Gray and Christophe Berra were unveiled in this lighthearted broadcast. Recognizing that the game’s supporters are the game’s best advertisement, Bertie’s is reportedly offering ticket holders a 20% discount. So they’ve given local football fans a great reason to share the news of their promotion and get a foot in the door. 2. Humor and Hashtags Hapa Sushi – Instagram Great creativity is at the heart of social media, right? Hapa Sushi’s 2016 ad campaign combines beautiful food photography and fun modern ad copy with a good helping of social media. The Japanese restaurant used the film’s spoof dialogue as well as stunning pictures of the menu to play on the hashtag ‘foodporn’ on social media. This campaign used humor and tradition to build brand awareness on Instagram and leverage many #foodporn followers. It’s simple but clever; we think you’ll agree. 3. Wu Fang Zhei’s Epic Storytelling – TV Picture rice dumplings are Chinese food, so how do you show them? Also this TV show is full of action, fun and memorable. This ad is an example of individual grains of rice on their challenging effort as part of Wu Fang Zhei’s rice dumping, this is a great gesture. The funny story and powerful soundtrack make for a very entertaining and unforgettable broadcast. The theme also helps to distinguish their town in a crowded place and to be famous for a special dish. This announcement is scary but also interesting. 4. Leon’s Lean and Clean – Social Impact Leon’s is a large English chain with a high number of branches in London. You will find Leon in the tube and the train and in the shopping centre. In 2016 the chain tried to differentiate itself from the trend of fast offers in these areas with its ‘Lean and Clean’ campaign. It is a low-cost advertising campaign that uses both online and offline activities to expand the brand’s reach, opening up many new locations. There is no internet, the kind of bike that offers free breakfast and coffee. Online, they partnered with UK social media influencer Joe Wickes (@thebodycoach). At that time, Joe started making a name for himself and had a lot of social media for sharing quality games and meal ideas. Leon was able to borrow his most valuable audience through social media advertising. This includes sharing Leon competitions, recipes and #leanandclean fitness videos. Joe was also featured in the ad and has published his own cookbooks. Prior to this announcement, Joe was a regular visitor to Leon and led a life closely associated with the brand. This advertising campaign emphasizes the importance of building the right and honest business partnerships in order to succeed. 5. Applebees Fantogapher Customer Generated Content – Instagram Encouraging consumers to share their food with others is a social media marketing strategy. There are so many, there are often pictures on the dining room table or an Instagram sign posted on the door. This is basically what encourages visitors to take a selfie or share food or food photos. This trick is used with varying degrees of success. However, it’s always good to revisit why using Instagram to encourage teenagers to capture their food can be a good idea. A fun example is the Applebees fantographer campaign from 2014. Diners were tasked with taking pictures of their food and tagging them with #Applebees or #fantographer. The best photos were marked with a frame and re-shared the brand. The campaign is guaranteed to gain 4,500 new followers on Instagram and increase engagement by 25%. That is without thinking of an additional opportunity. It’s easy to see why ‘snap and share’ remains a popular social media tool. 6. Pizza Pilgrims Pizza Evangelists – Social Impact Pizza Pilgrims is in England in London and Oxford but the brand, which is only a few years old, started with a pizza van in London in Soho. The owners relied on attracting a high number of customers within a small and specific geographical area. To help with this, they worked with local social media to build awareness of their brand. And rather than just giving away free money in exchange for the exposure of Pilgrim Pizza decided those who would influence the results – which cheese should they use, or should this pizza be added to the menu? As a result, local chefs became popular evangelists, spreading the word and pictures of Pilgrim’s delicious pizza. The message here is that you don’t need to work with influencers and lots of followers – just the most engaging and relevant ones. 7. Zizzi Gamification – Mobile Discount vouchers can be a great way to get customers in the door. However, discount coupons have long been a popular advertising strategy, so how can you make sure your coupons get picked up and used? Zizzi is an Italian food chain based in the UK that has taken an innovative approach to encouraging diners to stick to vouchers in the past.Hey, thanks for the games. The brand ran a number of pre-match discount games including a discount game based on the campaign, the 2015 Rugby World Cup and more recently a shopper game where customers could get discount tickets or enter a raffle token for a holiday . The board game encouraged regular participation by giving participants multiple times each day. This helped maintain the brand and gave them an edge over others when diners were considering eating out. After all, if you’re sending a discount via email, there’s no guarantee of good timing. Of those who took part, 33% played for five days or more and 20% played for ten days or more. 8. Low Cost – Mobile Advertising We’re having a blast with Subway’s latest mobile campaign. According to Mobile Marketer, the instant service increased its search by 31% by focusing on weather-influenced mobile advertising. Artificial intelligence helped create dynamic ads for leg-long sandwich ads that avoided placing hot sandwich ads during heat waves. This advertising campaign found that the weather has a big impact on the type of food and drink people eat and how far they are likely to travel to eat it. You don’t have to reserve this method of advertising for online use only; the same can be used to influence digital brands. Or to bring this lesson back to basics, you can use weather data to decide which features to display on your board at your entrance. 9. Ruby Tuesday Moms Shy Girl – Online Video Traditional foods can bring us frustration and insecurity but trying something new comes with its own rewards. This video ad by US food chain Ruby Tuesday will definitely nail it. The advert ‘Shy Girl’ shows a young girl who has moved to the big town and is struggling to fit in at school.

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