Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

By | April 1, 2023
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Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic – This is one of the sad effects of the coronavirus pandemic – canceled parties and events. The birthdays of our Aries, Taurus and probably Gemini friends will not be celebrated in the same way!

My son Ryan has been looking forward to his birthday party for months. (Yes, the moon!) She turns four today and helped me pick out the party theme and all the party supplies. This boy loves parties like his mother! However, being so young, he doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, why school is closed, or why he can’t go to the park with his friends. He was totally disappointed because the birthday party had to be canceled as well. But I told him we were going to have a party anyway – it sounded a little different than the one we had originally planned! (Challenge accepted, right?!)

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Here’s the real question… How do you celebrate your child’s birthday during a global pandemic?! And how do you entertain it?!

Drive By Birthday Party Ideas — Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

I have a few tips and ideas to share with you so you can continue to celebrate all the fun milestones in your family and collect the special memories we all love!

Decorate like it’s a party! I know it may seem like a simple detail on the surface, but having party supplies – plates, glasses, napkins – will help you feel like you’re the party! You want to create something different every day. What better way to create a special feeling on this day than with beautiful and fun party supplies?! You won’t need to buy enough paper goods for more than 20 guests, but you can still buy enough paper for your family to have a fun party. Plus, party favors really help elevate the party spirit!

Here at The Graceful Host Party Shop, I actually create miniature versions of my party kits! I wanted to offer our customers a very easy way to throw a party during this crazy time. Our Quarantine Party Sets are available for purchase – and if you don’t see a set that fits your theme or party idea, please contact us and we’ll create something just for you!

Or whatever dessert the birthday boy or girl wants! Don’t skip dessert – after all, a party is just a party without cake, right?! (

Post Pandemic Party Ideas For 2021

) Involve your children in the cake making process, or buy them from a local bakery, grocery store or restaurant – many of them are still working during this time and may really need your support.

Balloons are my secret weapon when it comes to party planning. They are cheap, but very effective! Balloons can add so much color and create a fun and entertaining party atmosphere. To fill (with air!) a room with balloons, consider a bag of colorful balloons or balloons with a special color scheme! We always love waking up our kids with a balloon shower – a fun way to start the day. Plus, inflated balloons last for days (and for days! I’m talking weeks!).

Also consider contacting your local balloon vendors and party stores as many people across the US are making contactless and social distancing balloon deliveries! (

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Kids love doing activities! You can be ready for a fun activity or game as if you are still waiting for a group of kids!

Birthday Parties Still Happening During Covid 19 Pandemic

Or maybe it’s a great opportunity to play a game or activity that wouldn’t be possible (or maybe too stressful) to do with a larger group.

Technology is such a blessing right now! Use some kind of streaming like Zoom, Google Hangout, or FaceTime to have a virtual party. A great way to safely involve grandparents and friends too! Set a time to sing your happy birthday song and text or email the information to your virtual guests so they can call when it’s time for their son or daughter’s birthday party!

It’s so much fun to see the kids’ faces light up on the big, colorful signs in their front yard. These garden sign services are available across the US and are contactless…so another great way to celebrate your child while supporting a local business! It’s also a public way to share your kids’ special day, so expect a few happy birthday waves or beeps from passers-by.

You’ve probably seen videos of these parades happening as a result of the coronavirus…I love this trend! Schedule a time for family and friends to pass by and wish your boyfriend or girlfriend a happy birthday while standing on the front steps. Encourage your parade guests to sign and maybe consider having your child hold a thank you sign – and then get ready to wave like Kate Middleton!

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

A few weeks ago, I reported on Facebook that Ryan’s birthday had been canceled and that I would like to send him a card to show that people are thinking of him on his special day. I’m not usually one to make requests like this, but I’ve seen the power of social media in the past and thought I’d give it a shot. Y’all I’m just blown away by the answer! We have received dozens and dozens of cards in the mail in the past two weeks! Like most kids, Ryan loves letters. So I know it will be very exciting for him. I’m going to put the cards and letters in the mailbox and have him pick up all the letters himself.

Holding a party in quarantine? Check out our party store or send us an email – I’d love to help you create a one-of-a-kind party!

Get the latest news, tips and inspiration from The Graceful Host right in your inbox! The Gracious Host is all about sharing our love of creative event design and expertly planned events. But I also like to share planning tips and advice to help you create memorable celebrations, from casual get-togethers to big events. The news seems to be getting worse and worse lately. With in-person events postponed indefinitely, sports seasons canceled, school plays and dances canceled, and many schools closed for the rest of the school year, some may want to cancel all celebrations, including which represent personal milestones. And success somehow, now more than ever, celebration is needed to boost children’s spirits and give them hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

And when we take time to focus on family, friendship, love, and accomplishments—even if we can’t be together in the ways we’d like or celebrate with the same events we might have planned. – We show our children how to entertain themselves and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. So you’re not only creating special memories with your daughter, you’re also teaching her life skills that will help her navigate the ups and downs of the years to come.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, your own, a graduation, or an anniversary, here are some ideas to get you in the party spirit.

With a little imagination and the help of a printer or some simple painting supplies, you and your family can transform your home into almost any place you might want to celebrate. Would you like to be at your daughter’s favorite theme park? Hang pictures of her favorite characters around the house, prepare fun-style meals, and play themed music or movies. Are you hoping to visit another country for your celebration? Use construction paper or cut up old boxes to create miniature versions of famous landmarks (think Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, etc.). You are not fluent yet.

If your daughter celebrates a milestone or achievement while you’re home, ask friends and family members to write her cards and letters and send them to you ahead of time. Then hide them around the house the night before her big day and give her a “treasure map” in the morning to help her find all the messages of love and support. It’s a special way to include loved ones outside of the home, and the notes and cards will be great keepsakes that she’ll look back on for years to come.

Bring it all out while you’re there and stir up some healthy competition. Make a list of 10 to 20 things you might see on any neighborhood walk (a water truck, a pigeon, a fire hydrant, etc.).

Brilliant Backyard Party Ideas To Level Up Your Hosting Skills

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