Business Tie-ups

By | April 9, 2023
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Business Tie-ups – HSBC has signed an agreement with Euler Hermes to offer only Euler Hermes trade credit insurance (TCI) to its customers.

The global deal will see the Hermes show offer customers all of HSBC’s open accounts, excluding contracts that require four decision.

Business Tie-ups

Business Tie-ups

HSBC’s global head of commercial and investment insurance told GTR that “the deal is about giving our banking customers business access to TCI’s marketing policies.

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With the bankruptcy rate expected to increase to 8% in 2013, the couple hopes that the partnership will provide better protection to customers. Hussein explained: “Our relationship management can now make TCI part of their discussions with customers, to determine which is the most appropriate aspect of protection against non-payment of debts.

“We believe that it will be very useful to many of our open trading customers, for example by helping them to develop and maintain strong team relationships. As a bank that is focused on international business and trade, we always see great value in a solution that gives our customers the confidence to grow their business in these difficult times by providing them with information and protection from unexpected losses.”

Euler Hermes chairman Wilfried Verstraete added: “This pioneering partnership between Euler Hermes and HSBC is the first of its kind, globally, in the TCI market. The demand for trade insurance is being driven by increasing sectors and geographical conditions, and since today more than 80% of trade transactions are made on an open account. School. This is why business schools need to adapt their programs and courses to the needs of employers and students in order to find a balance between demand and supply in terms of business and knowledge. They must also develop and improve if necessary, to meet the needs of employers and the needs of students.

B-school students equipped with engineering degrees, especially those from computer science, electronics and electrical engineering, are in high demand. . Major companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and American Express are among those who make offers. According to the recruitment process of the campus, the B-school placement officials also announced the positions such as data analysis, information technology, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), product research, first market solutions and engineering. analysis. it was quickly filled.

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Hiring trends show a growing need for managers equipped with technology and innovation skills. Employers are looking for people with a good understanding of AI, IoT, big data and risk management, to fill roles in the areas of planning and investment banking.

For business schools, the partnership or relationship with many industries has two important aspects. One is to create a curriculum that meets business needs. In addition, sometimes, in the administration, business schools need to do special training, and some employers.

The second aspect is where students gather business experience to gain in-depth knowledge and research skills. Collaboration is the best way to bridge the gap between theoretical learning in the classroom and practical learning in the real world.

Business Tie-ups

Business schools are driven by the need for talent and skills. However, this need is still changing. Apart from experience, the ability to innovate, collaborate with businesses and build strong and trusting relationships should be an important part of B-school strategies. The combination of industry makes it easier to allow B-school students to take advantage of practical work while preparing them for real world situations.

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Internships provide students with hands-on experience with practical problems. Students are expected to apply the knowledge they have gained to literal definitions of words and find appropriate solutions. In addition to learning technical skills, they also develop transferable skills such as communication and teamwork. While college education includes a mix of written and practical training, gaining business knowledge is invaluable. Business experience is required to keep up with the challenges that surround professionals.

The main goal of B school graduates is to score in the right field or enter a successful business. Communication or communication building is an important aspect of both situations. While gaining business experience students are surrounded by professionals who may end up being their partners or contacts in their first job.

The hardest-to-hire skills for employers include the ability to motivate, think critically, drive and be proactive, and solve problems. They also consider soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and time management to be very important. Facing real-time challenges is the best way for students to equip themselves with the independence and confidence to succeed in the real world. Many connections with industry allow B-schools to open an opportunity for students to train in many fields.

When B-schools partner with industry, both students and employers benefit from many opportunities. They can provide students with the 360 ​​learning experience needed to succeed in the professional world.

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Controversy at the MP’s wedding over Mercedes’ husband’s ‘sherwani’, there is no deception after the disappointment of Miami VR ‘reminiscence therapy’ that allows the elderly to remember the time happy ‘Idli Patti’ past as Anand Mahindra donates his house Do you feel sick before your period? Here’s what a serosurvey can – and can’t – tell you BENGALURU | KOLKATA: Contributing to the disruption and rapid development of skills required in the workplace, tech firs have a new odus operandi – edtech firs.

Companies like Wipro, Accenture, IB and others are tying up with edtech partners like upGrad, Siplilearn and Udacity in order to train employees that they can use in projects. Additional benefits include an initial tuition fee that is accrued after employment and gradually reduced as students develop their roles.

Business Tie-ups

The edtech firs gives the professional employees the necessary level, content, assignments and projects in their final college to ensure that they are prepared with technical skills and develop digital skills before joining.

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“Companies on average spend between Rs 30,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh to hire and train a new employee. In this way, companies can reduce these costs by 50-60%,” he said. a Ayank Kuar, founder of upGrad.

Wipro is moving fast with and training employees in a variety of technical skills including both entry-level and advanced digital skills.

More than 12,000 candidates were included in the courses this year, said Anurag Seth, head of talent transformation at Wipro.

“Last year, about 47% of our freshmen graduated from these programs while in college. They are admitted sooner than those who have not completed the formal training. About 82% percent was charged less than 15 days from the date of joining the project,” said Seth. Wipro has entered into partnerships with Udey, Udacity, Coursera, Upgrad and anipal ProLearn .

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Technology fir offers programs for cooperation in niche / digital for selected capus employees identified in some business sectors.

Basic courses include Java/J2EE, .NET and C#, Python, VLSI and C++/Unix. Emerging computing skills include AI/L, Forward End Design (FED) and data science.

“The many crises that are happening, it is difficult to learn and develop companies to continue. Under this partnership, capus employees get technical training and complete a project like the company’s technology,” said Krishna Kuar, CEO of Siplilearn, ET. said. .

Business Tie-ups

Earlier in the day, Siplilearn partnered with IB to launch four special programs in information science and artificial intelligence.

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“Partnerships with edtech firs help students improve their skills and fit into the organization.

Srikanth NR, the head of equipment huan, Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in India, said that his company has seen the necessary proof of research in new digital technologies and key initiatives. “This will help strengthen our talent in the growing IT and digital technologies.”

Ishan Gupta, managing director in India at Udacity, said that the company has partnered with any other graduate college to take specialized nanodegree programs in AI, machine learning and data science to prepare them for jobs.

UpGrad has a partnership with Wipro and Fractal Analytics where new entrants to data science must go through a pre-admission test to receive their offer letter. edtech fir also offers courses in scientific research, comprehensive development, machine learning and AI for final year engineering students and currently looking forward to courses in software development with Android, Python, Java, IoT, the story which the founder aink Kuar. .

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