Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

By | April 3, 2023
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Email Marketing For Personal Trainers – Previous session: Why Email Marketing? Warm Up: Email List Building Exercise: Send Email Campaign 1. Welcome Email 2. Educational Content 3. Goals and Competitions 4. Personalized Content 5. Success Stories 6. Promotions 7. Customer Support 8. Videos 9. Special Events 10. Virtual Training Cooldown: Finish

If you’re in the fitness industry, it’s your job to inspire and educate your clients to be their strongest, healthiest, and best selves. Email marketing can help.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Since you have valuable information, skills and services to share, why not let your target audience know that they are waiting for you?

How Emails Can Level Up Your Vip Program

In this email marketing guide for gym owners and personal trainers, you’ll learn how to implement a solid email marketing strategy to consistently attract new business. Email campaigns also help build a community of loyal customers who can reach their fitness and wellness goals with your help.

That’s why we want to help people look their best, and we have workout plans, facilities and healthy recipes to do just that. Next, you’ll need a digital marketing channel to get your show out into the world. Enter: Email Marketing!

We’ll see an example of a good fitness newsletter later. But first, here are some ways to use email marketing for your business.

You can be as creative as you want! If you’re still wondering if email marketing is right for you, consider the following:

Best Fitness Email Templates For Gyms & Trainers

Whether you run a gym, offer specialty fitness classes like yoga, pilates, spin or barre, or are a personal trainer, your success depends on your ability to attract new clients and keep them coming back. Email marketing helps you promote your program and share your latest subscriptions.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google can change their algorithms at any time, which negatively affects your reach, but email marketing is in your control. Keep the conversation flowing with your customers by going straight to people’s inboxes.

Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools. In fact, we are better than ever! Email marketing benchmark data showed a 7% increase in open rates in 2020.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Have you run PPC ads on Google before? It can be a headache, not to mention expensive. On the other hand, email marketing is easy and cost-effective.

Email Marketing For Basketball Trainers

Also, customers actually prefer to send marketing messages via email. That’s why an email strategy fits naturally into a fitness company’s marketing mix.

Let’s start this session now. From building lists to sending targeted email marketing campaigns, we show you how to use email marketing for your gym or personal training business.

The first step in email marketing for your fitness club is to get more subscribers to your email list. A strong list means more customers can be connected and inspired.

Both fitness and email marketing require focus, discipline and perseverance to achieve the desired results. But above all, when they form a team, their chances of success are much greater. That’s why you need an email list to collect emails from potential customers and start building your online network.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Here are some easy ways to grow your email list. Once you’re warmed up, we’ll share some marketing tips and show you the types of newsletter content that will keep your customers healthy and happy and keep them coming back for more.

You can collect email addresses offline with the Subscriber app on the iPad. Ask your front desk staff to collect email addresses for new and existing customers, or do it yourself where you see fit. For example, you could put an iPad at the door at the end of class so people can check in on the way out.

Share with your customers that you will regularly receive free health and fitness tips, motivational materials, fitness challenges, discounts, diet tips and more to build trust and expectations. Aim for once a week, but can be adjusted according to the client.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

The easiest way to grow your list organically is to use an opt-in form that your website visitors can use to subscribe.

How To Become A Certified Personal Trainer: 8 Steps To Take

The first is to use an integrated form to get your website visitors to sign up for your gym’s email list. Be sure to offer an incentive to encourage people to sign up, such as a free PDF workout plan, a day pass to the gym, or access to an exclusive webinar.

Found My Fitness offers free, practical health, fitness and nutrition advice when you sign up to receive an email.

Another option to attract new subscribers is to implement a popup form on your website. A form that appears after a few seconds or when a visitor leaves your website.

Exercising with friends is much easier than exercising alone! Exercise can also be a social time, so capitalize on this trend by offering special discounts for those looking to get their friends involved.

Cold Email Strategy Guide: The 10 Step Method For Outreach That Works

For example, in the referral form below, Mountainside Fitness offers $10 off next month when people refer a friend.

If your gym has social media, you can use it to grow your listing. All you have to do is create a landing page with an opt-in form. Then add a link to your bio or about section on your social media profile or share the fitness newsletter directly in a post.

Design an inspiring landing page and clearly explain what your readers get when they sign up. Keep in mind that people may unsubscribe if you ask for too much information. All you need to know is your name, email address and/or phone number to get started. Keep it short and sweet!

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Are you curious about using social media? This guide explains how email marketing and social media can work together.

Email Marketing 101 For Personal Trainers: A Beginners Guide

When someone signs up online for a class or personal training session, they’re already entering their email address. Why not ask directly if you want to hear from us in the future?

Provide an opt-in option (yes/no dropdown or small checkbox) that people can check to confirm their subscription to your sports newsletter.

Check out this ClassPass example below. Customers can check the box if they do not want to receive marketing messages when registering as a member.

Want to learn more about how to grow a high-quality email list of customers and fitness fans? Here is another guide for that!

Email Marketing For Trainers & Course Creators

The real fun starts when you organize your email list. Segmentation allows you to group subscribers based on demographics and behaviors, such as the fitness classes they attend or where they’re from. This means you can send more targeted emails that are more relevant to them. For more information, check out our ultimate guide to email segmentation.

As your email list begins to grow, you need to focus on building a relationship with your subscribers. The last thing you want to do is quietly collect email addresses and wait for your subscribers’ first email until the moment you want something.

Just like exercise, email marketing campaigns require consistency to achieve great results. From the moment your subscribers sign up for your list, you should be sending them regular email content (don’t just focus on promotional content).

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Not sure what type of content to submit? We’ve been there and done that. Here’s how to create compelling email content that your subscribers really care about.

News And Articles

Over time, you’ll build a collection of newsletter templates that are right for you and your audience.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 email campaigns created by fitness experts like you. (Unintentionally rhymes, over there!)

When someone signs up, you can set up an automatic message to be sent the moment they confirm their subscription. A welcome email is an opportunity to set expectations and make a strong first impression.

This Fitbit welcome email arrives as soon as someone creates an account. To inspire people, we share testimonials from happy customers as well as quick reminders to get started using the feature.

Steal This Marketing System For Free (for In Person Personal Training)

Keep your subscribers updated with helpful tips and advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your content will also appear relevant and increase open rates.

For example, you can send tips on how to exercise properly, how to recover after exercise, safe weight loss tips, and what to eat to feel better.

In this email, Adidas Runtastic says “📛 Attention! 6 post-workout mistakes to avoid! We share professional advice on the best recovery methods and training styles.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Having a goal to work towards can make all the difference. Suggest fitness goals and ways to track your clients’ progress. Seeing results will motivate them to keep pushing.

Easy Email Marketing

Organize a friendly competition or challenge with a small or token reward at the end to spark excitement. Also, don’t forget to send follow-up emails to share contest photos and videos. It will help generate social shares and generate more interest for the next person.

Receive this email from Guildford 10K.

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