Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

By | February 27, 2023

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016 – Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook are the heavyweights of the Microsoft Office suite. It’s no secret that Microsoft Office and especially Excel is an asset for all entrepreneurs and data entry professionals whose only job is to keep data and information stored in an organized manner online. It is a standard spreadsheet tool required in most industries today.

Excel 2016 is a gigantic tool that allows users to analyze, organize, manipulate and format sets of data in spreadsheets. It is the lifeblood of all corporate houses, finance teams and research firms but the needs are not just limited to these users. People have also started using Excel in their daily lives, whether it’s for managing household budgets, monitoring student attendance, or keeping an inventory.

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

Excel 2016 is full of tips and tricks that will surprise you and help you make your life easier. Let’s take a look at the top 11 Excel 2016 tips and tricks you should know!

Tips And Tricks You Should Know For Excel 2016 For Mac

Inserting or deleting cells, rows or columns in Excel is easy with the “Insert cells” and “Delete cells” commands. You have to go to the Set button and select the option you want.

Similarly, you can use the Delete option and select the appropriate icon to delete cells, rows or columns.

To make things easier, you can also right click on any row or column to add/remove cells.

Excel’s row and column sizes are pretty standard, so there’s a good chance you’ll need to adjust the size to accommodate all the data you need to enter into it.

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It’s relatively easy to change a cell’s width or height by going to the Home icon, clicking Format, and selecting Column Width as an option.

It’s also easy to adjust rows and columns manually by placing the pointer anywhere between the rows and columns and dragging and expanding the rows/columns until you reach the size you want.

The Frozen Panes function is useful when you want to cycle through parts of a spreadsheet without losing focus on a specific part of the sheet.

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

For Glaze Panes, select the column or row where the data starts, select the View option and click the menu that says Glaze Pane to do the job!

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It’s easy to use the Format Cells dialog in Excel if you want to create labels or registers to adjust the alignment of text in cells. To apply a format, click on the selected row/column and click a format cell.

The Cell Prevention feature can prove to be very useful if you want to prevent someone from editing certain parts of Excel. This dramatically limits accidental corrections and saves you a lot of extra work.

Protecting a group of cells is easy. Simply activate the Protect Sheet feature by going to the Format menu.

You can also lock cells if you want to prevent someone from editing a set of rows or columns. To do this, select the rows and columns you want to keep and press Format → Lock Cell. And that’s it.

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If you want to enter a specific decimal or currency in a cell, row, or column, you can do it in a snap.

Go to cell formatting by clicking the selected column/row and then clicking Number to make the desired changes to the cell’s number or currency.

One of Excel’s real strengths undoubtedly lies in its formulas and functions. If you don’t know how to apply formulas in Excel, maybe you know 40% of functions in Excel. Therefore, it is important to identify the five important functions in Excel, namely Sum, Count, Average, Max, and Min. Let’s check what these functions do and how to implement them!

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

To use a function, go to Home, click AutoSum, open the drop-down menu and assign the appropriate function that you want to apply to a group of cells. Before doing this, don’t forget to select the cell group to which you want to apply the function.

Excel Tips For Power Users

Creating and manipulating charts is perhaps a feature of Excel. It allows users to present data in a well-formed visual way. Excel is very helpful in facilitating the process.

To do so, highlight the part of the spreadsheet you want to manipulate, click the Insert tab and select the All Tables option from the Recommended Tables icon.

You can even preview it when you hover over a sample to check the final result on the chart. Once you are satisfied, click ok to insert the selected chart into the spreadsheet.

Disclosing all of your formulas is probably the best way to validate all of the calculations in your workbook. For example: A data is shown below:

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To go to equations, click on the formulas tab and click Show formulas, you will find it in the formula audit group.

It’s now very easy to verify all your formulas and even print them if you want. This way, you can easily find all the errors in your formula to understand how the numbers work.

Large, wide-screen monitors are ideal for working on spreadsheets. However, sometimes you may naturally need to print your workbook. You have to be very careful with this, or you could end up wasting a lot of paper printing something that’s mostly legible and illegible.

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

There; Excel comes into the picture by allowing users to adjust page orientation and size by using the Backstage print option. It is recommended to print the file on legal size paper and use landscape orientation for each word on the spreadsheet/print clearly and not waste extra or unnecessary paper.

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You can also adjust the margins if you want to include additional details or information on one sheet. To do this, you can click on the Show Margins tab which is on the right side of the table where it says Slide Print.

You can then adjust the margins to your liking to accommodate any overflow data so it fits everything on a page.

If you find it difficult to have everything on one page, you can also go to Page Setup at the bottom of the page to make other customizations. You can reduce the text size or use the scaling menu to make more changes so that the text is not too small or unreadable.

You can also dress up your printed page with headers and footers using the same dialog if you wish.

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We saved the best for last! For relatively new beginners to the world of Excel, this will be a lifesaver!

Everyone probably knows that you can select all text on a spreadsheet by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + A! But did you know that clicking on the corner button, as shown in the screenshot, can select all the data you entered in a few seconds?

Microsoft Excel 2016 is a treasure trove of tricks and tips that will surprise experienced users and help beginners learn how to use this handy tool.

Excel Tips And Tricks 2016

Apart from that, you can also use the Excel app on your smartphone to easily access all the spreadsheets in Drive. Want to get more out of Excel? At Microsoft’s inaugural Data Insights Summit last month, several experts offered some suggestions for getting the most out of Excel 2016. Here are the 10 best.

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(Note: the keyboard shortcuts will work for any 2016 version of Excel, including Mac; it was the version tested. And many of the lookup options in Excel 2016 data tables from Power Query were added for Excel 2010 and 2013. (so if you have Power Query on that version of Excel) on Windows, many of these tips will also work for you, although they may not work in Excel for Mac.)

Tables are one of the most useful features in Excel for data in adjacent columns and rows. Tables make sorting, filtering, and visualizing easy, and add new rows with the same formatting as the rows above. Also, if you create a table from your data, using a table means that it will update automatically if you add new rows.

If you’ve created a table from your data by opening Excel’s ribbon, clicking Insert and then Table, there’s an easy keyboard shortcut: After selecting all your data with Ctrl-A (command-switch-bar for Mac), rotate. read in tabs with Ctrl-T (command-T on Mac).

Bonus tip: Make sure to rename your table to something related to your specific data, instead of leaving the default title Table1 or Table2. Your future self will thank you if you do

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