Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

By | March 31, 2023

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing – This is a free marketing game that requires students working in teams to design their own pizzeria and compete with other groups of students. Overall, I found the game very enjoyable and the students were quite engaged. One of the reasons is that they understand the pizza (fast food) business very well, so it is very easy for them to be involved in the planning and design of the store.

Choosing which game type to use will depend on: available time (interactive game takes longer = 2-3 hours vs. 1 hour for non-interactive), physical space for interactive trading, group of students (but note that I have also used the game at the MBA level).

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

A game is a very effective learning exercise to engage students as it is a highly competitive and fun, social activity. It’s ideal for the start of a term/semester – it also works as an ice breaker – or when groups are established and doing well.

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In my experience, students enjoy this stage of planning their pizzeria and you should allow at least 30 minutes for this stage. Sometimes students want more time as they refine their marketing mix based on their competitive observations of other groups.

This means that high-quality design (eg food, services and facilities) has a price impact – just like in real business life.

Students will use an Excel template (optional) to help plan the cost structure. If students don’t have Excel – you can show them this summary table with the cost implications and processes of different designs for their store.

As can be seen… their pizza prices can vary from $3 to $8 depending on their product (and location). If they choose to be part of a branded franchise, such as Domino’s, that adds an additional $1 per pizza because the franchise fee will be based on sales.

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All of the above costs are variable – but there are also fixed costs (also shown in the table above) – which can be summarized as:

If you give students access to the spreadsheet, these values ​​will be automatically calculated for them. Here is an example:

Or they can create their own cost structure by hand, according to this decision table — also included in the game spreadsheet (which you can print out for students):

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

In this variation of the pizza marketing game, one student from each group will take about one minute to present to the class how their pizza is different and why customers should buy from them.

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About how they will spend their monthly pizza budget. Depending on how many students are in the class, you should tell them they have between $100 and $200 a month to spend on takeout pizza and pizza lunches.

And students should write how to spend their monthly budget in different pizzerias. For example, you can write:

Important: Since all students are part of a group that has its own pizzeria, they are not allowed to spend money at their shop. As we can see from this student, they are part of store E and they have divided their budget among the other four stores.

After all the students have voted and you’ve collected all their written decisions, you need to take a break (or save the results for the next class) because you need to enter their marketing mix design and sales results. . Spreadsheet, which automatically calculates your results. Depending on the number of classes, it will take about 20 minutes.

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You enter the design of the store at the top of each sheet (and the pricing structure calculates it for you), then you enter the amount spent (for all students) and how many pizzas (units) they bought together. It’s easier if you have a list.

The interactive version of the pizza game is identical to the non-interactive version, students don’t vote on which pizzas to buy – instead they act as customers with money symbols in each pizza (except their own, of course).

Logically, one student is the merchant in the group, while the other students are customers and spend money at other pizzerias.

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

What usually happens for some reason is that students start negotiating deals and the price becomes quite flexible – especially if some shops don’t sell out first. I’ve actually seen groups sell a lot of pizza, but at a lower price, because they’re caught up in the competitive game.

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Teaching Tip: It’s a good idea to have a trusted student help you manage your money and tokens, as during the trading portion some students and shops need change to facilitate their transactions.

At the end of the trading period – when students have spent most/all of their money – you should take stock of each store:

You can then enter these results into a spreadsheet very quickly—since there will only be 10 numbers to enter (five groups X revenue amount and sales amount). You can then share financial results with students.

Teaching Tip: Given the “potential” for certain groups of students to exaggerate their sales revenue, you could assign a representative from another group to be the observer/controller of each store pickup – potential To avoid conflicts and challenges.

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The spreadsheet allows entering results from three markets. This gives you the ability to:

By allowing marketing to be redesigned and restarted, you can see that students have learned from their performance – an important part of marketing = continuous improvement and development. Obviously, this will add time to practice. Alternatively, you can repeat the exercise later in the term/semester.

This activity requires students to determine a price based solely on the value that the product creates for the customer. Since only marginal variables are included in the price, which price is correct? Exclusive activity for members

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

This activity highlights several common channel conflict situations. For each situation, the task is to determine how to reduce the level of conflict.

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In this small case study, students are to outline a high-level marketing strategy that will help a B2B company achieve its financial goals.

An excellent introductory exercise to understanding concept maps. This task is to create concept maps based on understanding of university subjects. Here is a list of 15 possible market segments (as shown in the diagram below) that can exist in almost any market. Your task for this activity is to create your own method for segmentation using the list below as a guide.

These are consumers who want to simplify the buying process, and are primarily looking for benefits.

These consumers may make a purchase decision based on the lowest price or choose the product that represents the best value for money.

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This is a segment of consumers who are interested in better quality products and services. Many consumers in this segment believe that buying high quality represents better value over time.

Consumers in this market segment are more involved in purchasing decisions and want to make decisions based on the “best product solution”.

This market segment is less involved in their purchase decision and will rely on a strong brand to guide their purchase decision.

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

It is a growing segment of people who consider the impact of their purchases on the environment.

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This market segment is a family or household with a main grocery buyer who buys on behalf of himself and others in the family unit.

In various markets, especially food, beverages, medicine, vitamins, health centers – this is a growing market segment that has considerable interest in the health and wellness aspects of products.

Especially in service industries, there will be a segment of the market that will be interested in the quality of the service provided and/or the development of the relationship with the company and its staff.

For some groups of consumers, tailoring the product offer is becoming more and more important, which is reflected in the needs of this market segment.

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Consumers in this segment use brands and products as a means of expressing their identity and social status. It is common in markets such as automobiles, alcohol, cigarettes, vacation destinations, restaurants, clothing, jewelry, etc.

In many markets there will be a group of consumers looking for variety. Some users just like change and choice, while others like to experience new things.

In some markets, there are usually several segments that seek a specific benefit from a product. The brand must be positioned around a specific product definition – usually consumer goods.

Great Ideas For Teaching Marketing

The “just for me” market segment is those consumers interested in their own needs and pleasures. They will find products that make them feel good, even if they are expensive or not necessarily healthy.

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The last market segment on this list of potential market segments is just the company/brand’s existing customer base. Although it should be further divided according to the above market

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