Help For Small Business With Energy Bills

By | April 25, 2023
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Help For Small Business With Energy Bills – Energy use can be a huge cost to businesses which is why many small business owners try to reduce it by taking a somewhat holistic approach with all things considered. According to a survey by Smart Energy GB, two out of three business owners are looking to cut costs to reduce the amount of energy they consume at the same time.

With all that said and out of the way now, it’s important to note that 20% of businesses have gone paperless to reduce the amount of energy they use. 29% went so far as to lower the temperature of their radiators so things could be more manageable than they would otherwise be.

Help For Small Business With Energy Bills

Help For Small Business With Energy Bills

26% have stopped using heaters altogether, with 24% saying they lower their thermostat settings because this is the kind that can significantly reduce energy use in the long run.

Decoding Your Small Business Energy Bill [infographic]

Another tactic small businesses use is to change the type of light bulbs they put in. 32% have begun to use low-energy light bulbs and 24% said they have become more strategic with how they use electric kettles and other types of similar appliances.

Powering your buildings also seems to be a top priority for small businesses when it comes to reducing energy consumption. 19% of small business owners said they are considering reducing their office hours. 33% are also considering moving to new places that may be smaller or to locations that do not have such high electricity prices.

In general, companies do their best to avoid using excessive amounts of energy. This may have an indirect effect that helps reduce the effects of climate change. It could also help make some companies more stable in an increasingly competitive landscape that is currently riven by inflation. COVID-19 Update: Read how we’re doing our part to keep everyone safe and learn more about the impact on your efficiency project. to know more

It’s the time of year for small business owners to get into the holiday spirit and decorate for the season. Small business owners often overlook how traditional lights and decorations can add to your electric bill. Fortunately, small businesses can still celebrate without putting profits at risk. The energy efficiency experts at Lime have put together these great ways to save money this holiday season.

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LED lights use up to 90% less energy than fluorescent lights and last up to 10 years. This holiday season, a small business that works 12-hour days is spending $25.13 more on its electric bill using standard C-7 lights (125 bulbs, 4 watts each) than spending just $0.56 on LED Christmas lights (280 bulbs 0.04 watts).

Inefficient heating systems or systems that are 10 years old and older can lead to higher electricity bills. Small businesses that evaluate HVAC systems for poor performance and upgrade faulty systems can save a lot on heating and cooling.

Fiber optic decorations use a single light source to illuminate multiple light points. Fiber optic decorations also last years longer than fluorescent alternatives and use up to ten times less energy.

Help For Small Business With Energy Bills

Reduce the amount of time the holiday lights are on. Holiday lights left on overnight can be an energy black hole.

Small Businesses Warn Of ‘existential Danger’ Posed By Energy Bills Of £20,000

Plug Christmas decorations into a power strip and unplug lights and other decorations when not in use. When plugged in, lights and electronics draw power even when they are not turned on.

Lime Energy has saved business owners across the country more than $1.5 billion in energy costs. Find out how. There are many ways to reduce your electric bill, and most of them don’t require ongoing behavioral changes. By investing a little time and money upfront to adopt the following energy saving strategies, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. Here are six ways:

1. Schedule a free energy audit of your utility. An energy audit is a comprehensive and professional assessment of your energy use that provides a clear roadmap for energy efficiency. Many electric utility companies offer free audits to their commercial customers; Contact them and request that an energy auditor be sent to your company.

Scheduling an energy audit will help you identify all of the energy efficiency opportunities mentioned in this article and more.

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2. Install energy-saving lighting. Lighting upgrades are one of the fastest, most obvious, and most effective ways to save energy:

Upgrading your lights may require an upfront cost, but the upgrades pay for themselves over time with lower electric bills.

Avoid the initial costs of a lighting upgrade by getting a discount from your utility or the California Green Business Network. Learn more here.

Help For Small Business With Energy Bills

3. Manage your HVAC equipment. The HVAC system is one of the biggest energy sinks in any building and one of the most profitable energy savers. The following actions can reduce the energy consumption of an HVAC system by up to 40%:

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FYI: Low-power sleep mode “pauses” the computer’s current state and returns it to a minimum power state, just enough to keep your data open. When you click the mouse or press a button on the keyboard, the computer “resumes” its operations with the same applications and files open.

5. Buy energy-saving appliances. Before buying or renting new office equipment, check if it is ENERGY STAR® certified. This device is rigorously ENERGY STAR® rated and determined to be energy efficient.

In the past, ENERGY STAR® devices cost more than standard devices, but that’s less true today. Thanks to the high demand for ENERGY STAR® products, appliance manufacturers have increased production and thus decreased their costs.

In any case, even if an ENERGY STAR® device costs more up front than a conventional device, the more efficient product will generally be cheaper in the long run through savings on the utility bill, depending on the initial price difference.

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6. Prevent “ghost” energy. In the same way that leaky faucets waste water, many home appliances consume electricity when they are turned off. This is what we call a “phantom” energy load and it inflates the electricity bill. To stop these energy losses.

Of course, one or two “phantom” devices may not consume much power, but the entire electronics office adds up to something. In total, “phantom” power loads can account for up to 20% of your electricity bill.

Transitioning to a sustainable business is not easy. There are so many different things in the sustainable model that it can be hard to get it right all the time. That’s why we offer free technical assistance, educational resources, and financial support to anyone looking to improve their business.

Help For Small Business With Energy Bills

Through our free six-week certification program, all companies that join the network reduce their environmental impact, lower operating costs, exploit the competitive advantage of sustainability, gain third-party certification credibility, learn about the triple bottom line and join a community of like-minded companies. . Learn more today about how to transition to a sustainable economy.

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