How To Make Curly Hair More Defined

By | March 13, 2023

How To Make Curly Hair More Defined – Even though I’ve gotten over my ingrained curly hair complex, that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten to find the easy way out (keyword:

) to make my curls bouncy and spiral. Rather, I want to define and improve what already exists. I’ve learned that sometimes gels and creams just aren’t enough, but they are.

How To Make Curly Hair More Defined

How To Make Curly Hair More Defined

When you consider all the processes we typically put our locks through, like dyeing and heat styling, it’s no surprise that our natural curls start to fall out over time. What we really need to do before investing in curling products is to literally manipulate our hair back into its original pattern. While it takes time and consistency, there are some proven techniques to make this a reality.

What Is Natural Hair? A Definition And In Depth Look

Now, if you have textured hair like me, the range is pretty wide, but the results and prep time do vary slightly. Throughout my natural hair journey, I’ve grown to love a number of black vloggers like PrettyGirlsWithCurls and Mini Marley, whose curls always seem to bloom effortlessly. They have these five methods of definition in common. Here’s a rundown of what each one is and what you can expect when you try them out.

This no-tool method works best on wet, styled hair, but requires a lot of product, like an alcohol-free gel or moisturizer. Start by dividing your hair into four sections. From there, take a small section from one of these sections and comb or smooth the product from roots to ends.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, define and lengthen each curl within this smaller section by raking it through your fingers. Then try not to touch your hair as it will dry out overnight or otherwise. This process can seem tedious depending on the length of your hair, so it may not be the best option for those who are pressed for time.

Just like with the weave method, you can start with the finger wrap technique by parting your hair into four sections and dividing each section into two subsections (eight total). Then comb through each section (or comb through the entire head beforehand) and apply a curl activator of your choice. Take one of your subsections and take a small strand of hair from it.

How To Get Curly Hair To Turn Into Wavy Hair (with Pictures)

Insert your index finger into a piece of curl activator and twist the section around, hold for a few seconds and release. It doesn’t matter how big or small the wave is; it’s simply a matter of personal preference, though the smaller the curl, the more definition you’ll see overall. Once this is done, you can let your hair air dry. Also, this method is tedious, so save it for a lazy Sunday.

Curling is the most popular method of defining curls because it can be done on damp or dry hair. When done on damp hair, the results are smaller, spiral-shaped curls; and you can expect bigger waves on heat-treated hair. Start by dividing your hair into three or four sections. Take a section and spray it with water or a styler (best for dry hair) to add moisture.

Once you have detangled with a comb or your fingers, separate a small section within your subsection and separate it into three strands. From there, take the rightmost strand, twist it to the left, and repeat until you reach the ends. Once your entire head is done, use the twists overnight to really set the definition and remove them when you wake up.

How To Make Curly Hair More Defined

This method is almost identical to the braiding method, except that you braid your hair through traditional braids instead. For best results, start with freshly washed and deeply conditioned hair. You should also start your braids at the back of your head so that you can easily see that part while everything else is attached, giving you a clearer view. The number of braids you do will depend on how long you have and how big you want your curls to be. Again, if you’re looking for skinny spirals, go for smaller ones.

Curly Girl Method For Fine Wavy Hair (easy Guide)

If you prefer to style your hair right before bed to give it time to set, a set of flexible rods will keep all your hard work secure and in place while you sleep. You can pick up these styrofoam sticks at your local beauty supply store.

Lay the bar flat on your scalp and wrap your hair around the bar, working downward. For a smoother look, stop and comb through the curls every few seconds. When you’re done wrapping your hair, bend both ends of the rods into a tight circle. Repeat on your hair and keep the entire hairstyle in place with a silk and satin bonnet. After removing the rods in the morning, use a tail comb to gently comb through the curls without disturbing their newly defined shape. Today’s video is part of my Curly Hair Care Playlist for Beginners, where I break down how to care for your curls into simplified steps, explain the basics, and provide tips for transitioning to your natural texture. Watch the full transition tips video here.

Once you stop damaging your hair with heat and chemicals, you’ll be amazed at the curl pattern you naturally have. Growing your hair is a long process and requires patience. By following the curly girl method and implementing the curl tips I share today, your curls will come alive over time.

These tips are also great to incorporate into your curly hair routine for a more defined look and to create ringlets. Be warned, most of these tips will make your hair look thinner and shorter, but many people prefer more defined curls throughout.

Benefits Of Curl Cream For Your Hair

1. Get a cut. This is big! Just look how much tighter my curls were when I got the last cut. Without those dead ends and tangles weighing down my hair, my curls can shrink.

2. Use Olaplex no. 3, one of my holy grail hair products. I already made some videos about it, which you can find here and here (a year later). This product essentially repairs the broken links in the hair cuticle, which promotes the tightening of the curl pattern.

3. Wipe to remove deposits. Over time, curls can be easily stressed by silicones and styling products. Cleaning with a clarifying shampoo, apple cider vinegar, or sulfate shampoo from time to time will give it a deep clean.

How To Make Curly Hair More Defined

4. Deep condition once a week, consistently. Wet curls are healthy curls! Use a mask that contains protein to strengthen and create definition. But beware of protein overload, which can make hair too hard and brittle. Always balance protein treatments with moisture-based deep conditioners and stylers. Click here to see How to Create Deep Curly Hair for Beginners.

How To Refresh Curly Hair Between Wash Days, According To A Hairstylist

5. Twist and curl your hair to exercise your curls. I love it when I apply Olaplex or deep conditioners.

7. Use a Denman brush when applying products to create rings. Tilt the brush down like you would a curling iron as you glide it through your hair. As the hair wraps around the edge of the brush, it smooths out the curls and creates corkscrew rings.

8. Massage products into damp hair with hands and/or massage with a cotton towel or t-shirt.

9. Before diffusing, condition curls with a towel or Hair RePear T-shirt. This promotes greater definition and volume compared to air-drying, where curls can look weighed down by gravity. Click here to see How to cut curly hair.

How To Style Curly Hair, According To A Pro

10. Blend hair with a diffuser that has long spikes/prongs. Flip your hair over and place it in the diffuser, pushing it towards the scalp. Or flip your hair inside out and “blow” it out onto a flat surface, placing the diffuser around your head.

Welcome to my blog, your practical guide to curly hair, beauty, styling and more. I am a full time marketer with a passion for everyday beauty. Here you will find easy guides and tutorials that anyone can achieve to look and feel their best. Rolling is a great method for those who like looser, more defined curls. It’s a really simple process that only requires four steps. First, you wash your hair, add a styling product of your choice, take the amount of hair you want, and curl with your index finger. Repeat until you reach each strand of hair or you can curl any section you want. This method can also be done by using the wand portion of a fine-tooth comb and wrapping the curl in it. If you have highlights in your hair, twisting your hair will make each highlight stand out when mixed with another color in your hair. Rolling puts a strain on your hair, too – if you have short hair and want it longer (or at least more bouncy), this method will definitely give your hair a new twist—no frills.

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How To Make Curly Hair More Defined

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