How To Make Hair More Curly Guys

By | March 14, 2023

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Throughout history, people with straight hair have chosen to wear curls to change their appearance. Renaissance artists glorified curly hair in their portraits of historical figures, and in later centuries men chose to wear curly wigs to indicate social status. According to New York-based hairstylist Lauren Berones, “Men’s hairstyles in the 18th century were heavily influenced by Greek and Roman art. The Romantic era of poets and painters made curls, waves and movement the most desirable hairstyles for men. Men avoid washing once they are styled so that it lasts longer. “

How To Make Hair More Curly Guys

How To Make Hair More Curly Guys

We don’t have to look back to see trendsetters wearing curls or creating waves in their hairstyles. Snoop Dogg, often seen with straight hair tied back or braided, has styled his hair in waves to create some of his iconic looks. Harry Styles, who has frequently switched things up with different hairstyles, has been spotted wearing purposefully tousled curls and sleek looking waves. And right now, waves and curls are definitely on-trend, says Baroness, “I often curl men’s hair backstage at fashion shows to add a little more character and texture. “I also see wavy and curly textures in current boy bands.”

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Want to get a look on your straight hair or want a more defined texture you were born with? Read on for Baroness and celebrity hairstylist Elliott Rivera’s complete guide to using curling tools on straight hair.

Both of our experts tell us that men who already have curly or wavy hair can use a hand to enhance their look. That said, he recommends using product to make sure your handiwork is just right Rivera tells us, “If your hair is naturally curly, you can crunch it with some product to make it look more polished. Your hair should be at least two inches long

Baroness explains the technique: “After washing it, dry the hair with a cotton towel. While hair is still damp, add mousse and curl cream to help activate and revive some memory and definition in curls, adding longevity to the curling process. Add products first to your hands and then to your hair in a ‘screening’ motion If you’re wondering what ‘screening’ is, it’s when you hold your hair in your hands or towel and squeeze to shape curls.

Baroness recommends Balmain Hair Couture’s Hair Curling Cream ($46) and Lenore Grill’s Mousse ($48) because they are “light and help activate waves and curls without weighing hair down.” He adds: “You’re going to move towards your skin like a lizard as your hair dries, adding more mousse to your hands and using circular motions to tame areas that don’t have waves. Rivera likes Milbon’s creative style of molding wax “apply enough to wet hair until desired and finger curl. Allow the hair to dry without touching it. “

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If you want to add some flair to your naturally straight hair, why not try some curls or waves? For men who don’t have curly hair this can be intimidating and require a bit more effort, there are tools and products that can achieve curls and waves. “Straight hair requires you to let it curl or use a curling tool,” says Rivera.

The Baroness admits that using tools like hot curling irons and rollers isn’t easy to handle on your own, but reminds us that there are instructional videos online to check out if you want to skip a trip to the stylist. Various forms of “be very patient. “It’s important to learn the technique by practicing in small sections before you try to do it in your head,” he says, “This is very helpful because you can get the flow of the technique and then conquer all the difficult corners.” . If you plan to use a curling iron, wear heat-protective gloves.”

When it comes to curling hair, short hair presents challenges because the strands are too short to curl successfully.

How To Make Hair More Curly Guys

Overuse of rollers and curling cream or gel “You can add curl to super short hair as long as you can squeeze in a small iron,” says Berones, “We hairstylists like to call the small iron a ‘pencil iron,’ or technically a 3/8-.” inch iron I wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself because you have to use a curling iron close to your scalp I would hire a professional. “

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Rivera says she prefers hot tools for styling curly hair or turning straight hair into waves or curls. “I recommend the Hot Tools brand. They come in different sizes and are easy to use.”

“Colour can be used on almost every hair texture and can have different results,” says the Baroness. For example, “you can use thin curlers on straight hair and get a tight curl pattern. If you use wide curlers, you’ll end up with stretched curls or loose waves.” will end”

Cooler should ideally be applied with a product like In Check Curl Defining Cream for Men for Tiger Bed Head or Bevler Curl Cream ($12) for textured hair to help maintain definition. $27) “Because they’re nice and soft and comfortable to sleep in.” Rivera likes the Bybliss Pro line, which she says is “great for curling your hair, especially if your hair is naturally straight.”

According to Berones, once curled—with a curler or curling iron—you can flip the curl back and maintain your hairstyle. “A small amount of Balmain Hair Couture Dry Shampoo ($41) can be used to remove excess oil, detangle, and, of course, smell great. Rivera also recommends applying a texturizing spray” so the style lasts longer, she says. the stay “

Hottest Men’s Curly Hairstyles That Attract Women

Read on to check out some examples of trendy curly and wavy haircuts that can transform your look.

Social media sensation Josh Richards has been seen sporting the “wet mop” look, which consists of the top part of your hairstyle in—you guessed it—layered, textured, messy sections of hair. This increasingly popular look is achieved by cutting the hair in different layers, while the hair tapers slightly at the sides and bottom, widening as you go up.

Create random waves with a wax like Men’s Texture Molding Paste ($10) using a curling iron or flat iron to twist layers of hair.

How To Make Hair More Curly Guys

BTS’ sugar hair is naturally straight but uses a curling iron to create a fun, heavy texture. To achieve this look, ask your barber or hairstylist to use texturizing scissors to cut random layers in an uneven pattern, while leaving hair long enough for bangs.

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For a drier look, like she has here, apply fibers like American Crew’s Fiber Mold Cream ($18) to highlight the separation. You can also use dry look hair gel to hold the waves together.

Lil Nas X is no stranger to bold looks, this shot shows her with big, well-defined curls, which can be recreated with the use of wide rollers. Rollers come in different sizes

If you have naturally curly hair, a product like Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($12) can help keep voluminous curls in shape. If you’re planning to add color (even if it’s not bright blue), consider using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner like Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo ($34) to moisturize and maintain the color vibrancy of your treated hair.

Star Austin Butler adds flair to a traditional side part with waves There are two ways to recreate this wavy look on straight hair: with a curling wand (using only a small amount of hair, so as not to create perfectly round curls), or by twisting the hair using a flat iron. In a backward motion to create waves

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In this style, the tapered sides are kept straight and full for contrast.With both tools, you’ll need to use a product to hold the style.For those with naturally curly hair, an activator like Argan Magic’s Curl Defining Cream ($14) may be more appropriate. Those with straight hair should opt for a strong holding product like Le Labo’s Styling Concrete ($34).

Michael Cimino’s look here is an alternative to a straight, side-parted haircut, with wavy hair directed to one side on top without a defined part. Waves are created by moving back and forth with a curling iron or flat iron

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