Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

By | February 17, 2023

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online – We’ve all hit a wall that seems to drain all your magical creative marketing juices. Suddenly you feel like Peter Pan without the pixie dust. But don’t worry! All you need is a little help to get your marketing strategy back on track.

And guess what? We feature 64 creative marketing and advertising ideas and inspirational tips to help you break through that brick wall, generate more leads and increase online sales. Lets start.

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

If you really want to crack those Twitter followers, you can’t be afraid to get a little cheeky. Speaking at a conference? Place your Twitter handle on the slideshow (heck, place it in the corner throughout the presentation). Ordering new business cards? It better include cute hands!

Strategies For Marketing Your Business Online

If you want to build your social media following, you need to be an active participant in the community. This means posting regularly and also participating in a fun weekly social media tradition that already has a loyal following. Show the kids what you can be! Find 100+ creative hashtags for every day of the week here.

Instagram Stories is a 24-hour scrapbook for your account where you can add photos, videos, text, stickers and other special effects throughout the day. They are a popular type of Instagram media where you can be spontaneous and creative without worrying about perfection. The idea is transparent and unpolished!

Don’t underestimate the value of this photo sharing site. Post your strongest visual assets (templates, infographics, etc.) on Pinterest and link them to your webpage to get serious traffic.

Feature Follow your competitors and see what they’re posting, and which of their posts are getting the most shares and likes. See what works and follow their instructions.

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And practice a little IRL marketing. Go old school with flyers and posters at the local cafe, write some sidewalk chalk. This strategy is most effective for locally oriented businesses, but it can work for anyone.

Try to get permission to decorate the side of a prominent building with a large mural. Murals can make for great marketing campaigns.

Get some imagination and think about how you can use your urban environment for potential marketing magic.

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

City life creates some unique marketing opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. This is a secret, you have to think creatively to take advantage of this opportunity.

Small Business Marketing Ideas

Photo contests are great for a few reasons – they’re relatively easy to enter (anyone with Instagram and a few seconds to spare can submit), and they also provide sponsors with a form of user-generated content that can be reused and used. other place

Check out Harpoon Brewery – they’ve mastered the art of photo contests. (And click here for more Instagram marketing ideas.)

Not many people will enter video contests, but you are likely to get high-quality content because creating videos requires more effort from users. This type of content can be very valuable to a business on the bottom line, especially when you have talented filmmakers creating video content just for you!

Voting contests get a lot of entries because they’re so easy to join (just a click of a button, in most cases). What’s great about polls is that you can use data from polls to create mini data studies. Share what you learn in a blog post!

What Are Some Good Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Post photos and ask users to submit their best captions – competitions like this can get quite a laugh.

The most traditional of contests, sweepstakes/giveaways are a tried and true classic. It’s quick and easy to enter – plus it’s easy to request an email subscription as part of the submission form.

Love good deals by visiting deals sites and forums. There is almost always a sweepstakes/contest forum section where you can enter your contest.

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

I’ve seen contests where 90% of traffic is driven from these types of sites – OK, they’re not always the most qualified leads, but if you want quantity over quality, this is a good strategy. Start posting on Slickdeals and go from there. This can be a great form of restaurant marketing.

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Adding relevant (and unique) hashtags to your competitors helps you track entries and makes them easier to scan and sort. Plus, they’re just fun.

This means adding a “Share this contest” button if you have an entry form on the website, or encouraging social sharing in general. The more people who know about your competition, the merrier (for you anyway)!

If you offer users bonus points for sharing your contest news via social media, they’re more likely to agree. Tools like Rafflecopter make it easy for users to offer additional entries for different actions (eg joining a mailing list = +5 entries. Sharing a contest on Twitter = +2 entries).

Remember, you already know that your email subscribers like you and are interested in what you have to offer. If you run a contest for a free year of your software, you know your customers will win!

Instagram Bio Ideas For Business

If you run a photo contest through Instagram, make sure you still promote the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You want all of your followers, across the board

No matter your small business idea, you need content marketing to spread the word. Try some of them.

The best content is the one aimed at your primary audience. Understand your customers: Know their pain points, what might bother them and what keeps them up at night. Killer content that meets your audience’s needs and concerns!

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

People get bored of text quickly! In order for visitors to read, it is important to have images that break up your paragraphs of text. Don’t overlook the importance of visual elements, even in blog posts that are mostly text-based. You can see some examples of highly visual business blogs here.

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While the idea of ​​creating high-quality infographics can be intimidating, it’s not difficult. You don’t need fancy software – in fact, you can create good infographics just using PowerPoint. There are plenty of infographic guide templates out there to help you get started. Talk about…

Templates are another powerful form of visual asset that can be very helpful to visitors. Templates serve as a visual framework that can help users create custom pieces without having to start completely from scratch. Take this landing page template as an example – it outlines a basic and basic layout, allowing users to understand the essentials of a great landing page before creating their own.

Infographics’ less glamorous cousins, graphs and charts still have a place as great visual content. They may not be as impressive as infographics, but they take less time and effort to create and are still shareable, so don’t be afraid to use them generously. For visual learners, graphs will be easier to interpret than blocks of text and numbers. Be sure to appeal to all types of students!

Video is an incredible marketing strategy when it comes to promoting a new product or service, or attracting and retaining consumer attention. Retention rates for visual information can reach 65% compared to 10% for text-based information. Additionally, customers who watch product videos are more likely to convert than those who don’t. Video content is a powerful tool, whether you’re trying to show how your product works IRL or educate visitors.

Effective Video Marketing Ideas For Promoting Your Small Business Online

Have you hit a wall of content ideas? For an easy content marketing solution, collect interesting statistics on topics relevant to your business and create blog posts about what you’ve learned. Great number lists are easy to create and very shareable. Plus, some of the wilder stats might make you turn to other content ideas, like…

Play fortune teller by predicting future trends in your industry – just make sure you have at least

Controversial content always gets attention, but it’s not for the faint of heart – playing with fire can get you burned! Instead of contradicting yourself, a safer way is to react or react to the larger industry conflict with your own interpretation.

Marketing Ideas For Small Business Online

It’s okay to borrow material from other sources if you’re doing something new with it. For example, take our guide to the best SEO Reddit AMAs. The content we copied was originally posted on various Reddit forum threads. We’ve taken what we consider to be the “best” Q&A pieces from various topics and compiled them all to create a super SEO advice guide. This new post is very easy to read for users interested in SEO, rather than trawling through various Reddit threads. Note: Save it by always giving credit when it’s due.

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Another great content marketing idea is to interview industry thought leaders with set questions and share their answers in a blog post; For example, our interview with an industry expert about the future of PageRank. This type of content works well, and it’s always interesting to see where industry gurus agree and where they disagree. One good thing about sharing expert opinions – most likely, J

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