Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

By | March 11, 2023

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Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

Now that you’ve learned how to start a business, it’s time to promote it. Small business marketing spreads the word about amazing products you have to sell. The lack of promotions means that there are very few opportunities to make money online in no time.

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However, the customer’s attention shifts from post to post. Big brands with marketing budgets in the thousands of dollars make advertising costs sky-high. Let’s not even start a social media channel that alters the algorithm to make it more difficult for small businesses to reach the audience they have built.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Stand out in the busiest spaces. It takes a little more creativity.

To get you started, this guide shares 17 creative marketing ideas we’ve seen from independent brands that you can replicate completely free (or very cheap).

To say that social media platforms are oversaturated is an understatement. By 2022, approximately 92% of businesses will use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach their target audience.

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Combine that with the fact that Facebook only shows posts to 5.2% of its page followers, and you can see why social media is a tough way to market small businesses.

Diversify your social media marketing strategy by hosting a contest. Science proves that people love freebies. So, in return for your social media engagement, offer something free, like a product package or a trip to our headquarters. Increase your reach by having your followers like, comment, share, and tag your friends on your giveaway post.

For example, Loca Foods organized an Instagram contest featuring sauces and desserts. Participants had to like the post, follow her Instagram profile, and tag a friend. Bonus items are available when your followers share posts on their stories.

Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

Undoubtedly, attractive contests on social networks produce expensive products. However, the marketing costs of hosting sweepstakes do not have to be extreme. You can make your products as cheap or as expensive as you like.

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Another smart way to use social media for small business marketing is through user-generated content (UGC). This may be because 79% of customers say they have a significant influence on their purchasing decisions and are less biased than branded content. Instead, you see people who like your product.

Encourage existing customers to share photos, videos, and testimonials of how they use your product. Scan your brand name or hashtag regularly to see social media posts people have shared without a message.

The goal is to build a high-quality UGC library that will convince your social media followers to buy, like this example from Andie Swim. A previous user made a TikTok video that Andie Swim reposted on Instagram.

Continuing with the social media theme, video marketing dominates many platforms. Look at TikTok’s success. As the few-minute videos became popular, traditionally photo-sharing app Instagram launched its own version, Reels.

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Dope Dogis is one small business that uses this free marketing idea. Founder Erin Mastopietro says:

“As a result, we were exposed to an expert audience and provided value to our followers.”

Social networks are driven by trends. Think: TikTok is responsible for making your songs go viral. Artists watch record-breaking streams when dance trends hit. Post a video of everyone dancing to the same song.

Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

How do you discover trending topics before your small business’s social media content mixes with others jumping on the bandwagon? Find out in front of a crowd like this:

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For example, Partake Foods posted this tweet that duplicated Spotify Unwrapped. This tweet is an annual review of the music platform that users listened to over the course of a year. In this case alone, Partake Foods has turned its most listened to music into a premium product.

If you’re running on a very small budget, we have great marketing ideas for you. Work with other small businesses whose target markets overlap with yours (provided the products you sell do not compete with theirs).

Let’s say you have an online store that sells handmade cutlery. Team up with other small business owners who have been selling handmade vases to launch a joint marketing campaign based on each other’s audiences:

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you not only support your fellow small business owners, but unlike the influencer marketing route, you can tap into your existing audience for free.

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Customers do a lot when they visit a new e-commerce store. In the foreground is the question: How do I know if this product is right for me?

Eliminate the hassle of comparing new products to unique recommendations. It doesn’t take hours to develop a product. Move beyond the “You’ve seen this, so you might be interested in this” category that grabs people’s attention.

Kayleigh adds that smart sales copy allows new businesses to “sell more and more in a more fun way.”

Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

Existing customers are your best friends. They are the people who have seen and bought your existing digital marketing strategy. Use it as a starting point when developing new marketing ideas.

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Send a customer feedback survey to everyone who buys through your online store using an app like Post-Purchase NPS Survey. Ask what they liked about your product, how they discovered you, and what made them buy.

For example, Package Free displays customer review highlights on its product page. Anyone debating whether or not to trust the seller will be immediately relieved and it will undoubtedly improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce site.

Being named the “Best” in the industry is a surefire way to build trust and garner attention. Stephen Light, CMO and co-owner of Nolah Mattress, said, “Awards give a company the solid authority that is one of the keys to successful marketing. You want your audience to know that you deliver the best of the best.

“Regardless of your niche, there are countless awards and honors you can find if you dig a little.”

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No matter which award it wins, Stephen says: Proudly displaying them on your website can increase conversion rates.”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every marketing tactic has to be online. However, building an online presence is important. But get away from your computer and meet prospects in person by attending one of these local offline events.

Contact your municipality for a list of events to support small businesses in your area. Sites like MeetupandEventbrite also round out business events in your city.

Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

Can’t find anything? Host yourself. Increase brand awareness by finding free event spaces (e.g. public libraries), bringing inventory, and distributing flyers. Don’t forget to bring your business card. People who are interested in your products but not ready to buy can get information to visit your website later.

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Do you have a lot of slow-moving products? Sell ​​as part of the Mystery Box Kaleigh Mooredid told us about her jewelry business.

Zac’s Sweet Shop is another electronic retailer that offers puzzle boxes. Not only do customers get the opportunity to try out a variety of products at affordable prices, but brands also have a way of moving slow-moving or expiring foods into their respective Mystery Boxes.

Sometimes the most effective online marketing ideas are the simplest. It just needs more time to come to fruition. However, doing the groundwork early will set you up for success later.

This is especially true for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of optimizing your online store. It appears in search results when people are actively seeking information or entertainment, or to solve a problem.

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Start a small business by combining SEO with a content marketing strategy. Write blog posts that target small keywords with direct links to your products. Set yourself up for success with minimal competition.

“The trick is to post really great content. Publishing great content means a lot, but I think it’s about posting content that’s relevant to an audience people actually want to read, and understanding how to monetize that content.” Trevor Crotts, Founder of BuddyRest 12. Sell themed gift cards

Gift cards improve cash flow. Get paid upfront without paying immediately for manufacturing or shipping products to your customers.

Most Effective Advertising For Small Business

Starbucks, for example, sells gift cards year-round. However, retailers are listening and creating custom gift card designs based on trending themes. Lyrics to Taylor Swift’s new song appeared on a Starbucks gift card four days after its release.

Benefits Of Digital Advertising For Small Businesses

Post on social media, send out email marketing campaigns to your subscribers, and add pop-ups no matter what season you give away gift cards.

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