Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

By | March 27, 2023

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya – During every rainy season in the lower eastern part of the country, which covers Machakos, Makueni and Kitui counties, farmers have always preferred maize and bean farming. Sometimes they also go for peas and green gram.

In these cases, most farmers harvest a small amount of produce that they only use for family consumption and if they decide to sell it, they get very little profit.

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

It is time for farmers to take advantage of the ongoing heavy rains and kiss a lot in terms of profits.

Profitable Agribusiness Ideas 1 By Corny Poems Inc.

Passion fruit growing is the most profitable fruit crop you can try. Pear fruit has almost endless possibilities from an extended shelf life to last three years after its creation.

Growing passion fruit does not require a lot of money. If you have the plot of land you only need a little money for seedlings and materials. The plant produces a high yield with proper care.

Currently, in the country, the plant can produce 50 0000 kg per hectare of passion fruit. Now the average cost of fruit per kg is Sh50. I hope you are doing the math?

However, you can earn more if you can explore the direct market. Remember that the big juice companies are also finding a variety of fruits to take advantage of the fresh fruit processing market.

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Strawberries seem to be in short supply in the country at the moment. The demand for the product is growing day by day.

1/8 hectare can produce 50 kg of strawberries per week and the fruit takes only 70 days to mature and produce the first fruit. Current market price for strawberries is Sh200 per kg giving you Sh40, 000 per month. After the first harvest, this plant continues to bear fruit for up to three years.

All you need is a piece of land here and then find the best seeding KARLO that will help you get the best seed for your land.

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

Mushroom cultivation is hitting the market with amazing benefits. The plant is independent of land and water, so many farmers get the most income from their land use.

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This product can be grown using different substrates from agricultural waste such as corn stalks, wheat straw, paper waste, banana leaves, etc. Mushroom Spawns seeds can be easily obtained from JKUAT.

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Is there any information you would like Kenyans to know? Tell us and we’ll share it with the world. Click here to enter. Agribusiness is a growing sector, just like real estate, it continues to grow. Since we all eat agricultural products almost every day, there is no way to avoid this category.

Entrepreneurs who saw a niche here is already filled, but farming is a big piece of the pie to sell, you can invest in farming now and still reap a lot.

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Milk is essential in most Kenyan households. Milk production is a major profitable business with one liter fetching Ksh 70 in local retail shops. To start he needs to start 3-10 milk cows.

Goat and sheep farming as well as pig farming are affordable. All they need is a place to graze and someone to look after them, although they don’t need much attention in closed pastures.

Sheep have a variety of products such as wool, skin, milk, mutton and grass, while goats can provide meat, skin and even manure. Entering the goat and sheep business is a promising venture that will never disappoint.

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

You know how healthy and refreshing a glass of blended juice is. It is cost effective as a 500ml cocktail glass costs around Ksh 90-120. It is even better if you are growing the fruit because the benefits will be increased.

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With a relatively low initial capital of around ksh 4000-5000/- you can make a lot of money from beekeeping. It is guaranteed between Ksh10, 000 -60, 000- per harvest on average.

Dairy farmers, sheep and goat farmers, pig farmers, chicken farmers need animal feed and be assured of cheap food for their animals. Making animal feed is completely cost effective if you are using your own material such as corn stalks/cobs, broad beans and alfalfa. For example, a cover soft bag costs about Ksh 3000 and a dairy cow soft bag costs Ksh 1500.

Pigs are easy to care for, unlike other farm animals. They eat everything edible and perform well both when it comes to raising and killing pigs. They can raise up to 10 whales and raise them successfully. So you can buy two pigs and then the rest will be history.

If you have bought fish, from time to time, or checked its price, you know how expensive that piece of white meat is. As the demand for fish continues to increase, the price will not improve. You just have to make ponds and fill them with fish.

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Maize is a staple food in Kenya and maize production is central to Kenya’s agricultural sector. Remember when there was some corn recently and almost everything came to a standstill. Well, maize and bean farming is very tiring when done by hand, but when done by machine, it is as easy as ABC and in one season, a small farmer can harvest up to 90 bags .

At the end of the day, most Kenyan households like to boil a plate of ugali and some vegetables. So the reason is that the demand for vegetables is constantly increasing. Vegetables take about 3 months and you harvest. Onions, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage are just a few examples of vegetables that are profitable. A farmer with available water and good farm management skills can plant in both dry and wet seasons and still earn a lot of money.

Many of us love eggs, whether boiled or fried, and of course chicken. For example, Kienyeji eggs sell for between Ksh 15- Ksh 20, while exotic bird eggs sell for Ksh 10-Ksh 20. Brokers sell for around 600/- to 1000. The the process of raising a chicken from a chick up to a layer or broiler can be frustrating but they pay nicely.

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

I help you save time and live longer with the latest lists, guides, reviews and tips. Here is a list of profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya. Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, contributing about 75% of GDP. It is a sector that requires little or no training to enter. It is a sector from which good fortune can be made, especially through the various untapped opportunities of agribusiness.

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This is undoubtedly one of the most profitable farming businesses in Kenya. This is ideal because Kenyans eat vegetables every day. The demand for vegetables is increasing day by day. Some of the vegetables you can grow and market include onions, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, kale, and traditional vegetables such as managu. Vegetable markets are available. You can supply directly to homes, centers or sell at outdoor markets.

Pigs usually breed and grow quickly. All you have to do is choose the best breeds that will give you profit in a short period of time. Pigs are mainly used for pig production in Kenya. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the best fast growing breeds to get profits in a short period of time.

In some ways accounting is a difficult business because it takes time and good marketing skills to get on board. This is a business that makes good money because animals cannot survive without basic food such as marshmallow. This business is more profitable if you have your own raw materials.

The demand for fish in Kenya is never going down. You can take advantage of this opportunity by going into fish farming. All you have to do is start with a regular supply of pond water and fish food. Some of the best fish breeds to raise include tilapia, catfish, and Nile perch.

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This is another lucrative agribusiness venture in Kenya. Mushrooms (organic mushrooms) are in high demand, especially in high-end restaurants and domestic households. The mushrooms take less than two months to mature and be ready for the markets. With a capital of only Kshs. 50,000 you are good to start.

It is primarily the responsibility of the government to distribute fertilizers to farmers across the country. However, it can still source fertilizers from different groups and distribute them to farmers in remote areas at affordable prices. It is a business that requires very little investment to grow.

It is a flooded agro-industrial sector, especially for conventional poultry. The best way to get big is by going to exotic places and

Most Profitable Farming Business In Kenya

Eggs sell for between Ksh 15 and 25, while exotic bird eggs are between Ksh 30 and 50 per egg. This also applies to

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This means raising stock for long-term milk production that can be sold directly to families or dairy companies for processing. It is a profitable business as

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