New Small Business Marketing Ideas

By | March 31, 2023

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New Small Business Marketing Ideas

New Small Business Marketing Ideas

As a small business owner, I’ve spent years looking for fresh and authentic ways to bring what I have to offer to those who need it.

How To Set Up A Small Business Marketing Strategy (5 Ideas)

I have tried many small business marketing ideas and learned from countless mistakes. And what I discovered is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a successful marketing strategy.

There are many free and low cost ways to market your small business. The key is to try a variety to see what works best for you.

When you think of digital marketing, you might immediately think of paid advertising on Google or Facebook. But once you change the way you think about advertising online, you’ll find that there are countless ways to sell your services online that aren’t nearly as expensive as paid advertising.

As Digital Marketer puts it, online marketing is simply a customer value journey that aims to build strategic relationships with new prospects and convert them into loyal, repeat customers. That means digital marketing is simply finding ways to really connect with people and help them online.

Online Advertising Ideas For Small Businesses

One of the best ways to help people is to answer their questions, and nowhere do people ask more questions than on Google.

Think about what you sell and consider what questions your ideal customer will have when searching for your product. You can start a blog and write articles to solve these problems while gaining the respect and trust of your reader.

As with any free marketing tool, there are tons of people trying to implement this strategy. So, you need to learn some search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to stand out in search results.

New Small Business Marketing Ideas

SEO isn’t as scary as it seems. It’s just looking at the question you’re answering, getting into the asker’s head and adding as much useful information as possible to answer the question.

Unique Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

The key to building trust on social media is providing authentic content and appearing consistently. If your content is only promotional or if you only post during the sale, not only will potential customers not trust or follow you, but the platform’s algorithm may hide your content. This can prevent you from even reaching your current followers.

Instead, choose one social media platform to invest your time in and post educational, aspirational, or entertaining content alongside promotional content. It’s also important to know what your potential customers are spending money on.

For example, Instagram and Facebook are currently the most visited platforms in the US, and Instagram has more users under the age of 30, while Facebook users have a higher median income.

Some small business marketing ideas for social media include posting product comparisons to show how unique your products are, inspirational quotes your ideal customer might like, or sharing a meme that helps clarify an issue you’re dealing with. trying to fix the product. You can also use direct messages to connect with your followers like Mary Gui, founder and CEO of Sock Candy.

Want More Participants? Here Are 4 Free Marketing Ideas

“When I get a new follower on the @sockcandyofficial IG account I send them a DM thanking them for following Sock Candy and offering them a welcome discount code on their first order. This worked pretty well for me and led to a lot of conversions,” said Gee.

You can be as creative as you want with your social media content. Remember, the more creative you are, the more your audience will engage. And that can lead to bigger profits for you.

Ninety-four percent of US users between the ages of 18 and 44 visit YouTube at least once a month, making it a great place to connect with potential customers.

New Small Business Marketing Ideas

YouTube is owned by Google, so you can apply many of the SEO principles you use for written content to your videos.

Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Small Business

If your ideal customer has questions that are easier to answer with a demo or other visual material, YouTube is the best platform to do so. You can even reuse YouTube videos on your favorite social media platform and embed them in blog posts.

Don’t stop posting your video. Be sure to include links or mentions of your products or services in the video description. You can also link to your other YouTube videos to further build your relationship with your viewers. And once you build a following on the platform, you can make money through YouTube ads and sponsorships.

Self-publishing a book on Amazon is a great way to build authority in your industry and get the attention of people willing to buy to solve their problem.

Writing and publishing a professional looking eBook is extremely affordable with minimal costs. Be sure to use the book as a way to learn the solution to the problem and wait until the end to mention your company as a way to more effectively achieve the solution.

Steps To Build Winning Small Business Marketing Strategy

The best low-cost marketing ideas for small business owners are those that put them in direct contact with potential customers. Answering questions in forums and Facebook groups does just that.

When answering a question in a forum or group, always try to be helpful first and only then serve your company as a solution. If you have an online course and come across a question that teaches you the answer, don’t answer it with a link to your course. Answer the questions as you would in your course. Then when you have contact with the questioner, suggest that you take a course that goes deeper.

This helps build trust within the group, making it more likely that people will buy your product.

New Small Business Marketing Ideas

An email list is the foundation of many successful online businesses. While every other platform controls your access to their users, you always have your email list and can take it with you wherever you go, even if you change your company name or create a new website.

Of The Best Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Small Business Now

One of the easiest ways to collect email addresses is to give away a free digital product such as a cheat sheet, pdf guide, template, etc. You can use your blog, social media account, e-book, or a simple use landing page to promote your digital page. product and send it to their email address using Constant Contact or ConvertKit.

Once you collect their email address, keep in touch with valuable and relevant resources at least every two weeks to build trust.

Facebook groups are a great place to build a community of people with similar interests or problems that need solving. Starting your own group can bring you potential clients and position you as an expert in whatever the group is about.

Jacob Bouvier runs a boudoir photography studio. His Facebook group has brought in more customers than any other channel. He says this is because they get to know him as a person before deciding to become a customer.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Small Business

“Nineteenths of what I post is about my mission of body acceptance, self love and being your true self, but not directly related to my photography. About 1/10 of the content is related to my photography,” said Bouvier.

It takes time to create a group, but you can speed up the process by posting relevant questions and opportunities to join each day thanks to Facebook’s scheduling feature and replying to each member. This will make them feel like they are part of the community and that you really care about them.

One of the most popular and effective small business marketing strategies for an online business is to conduct a free course or seminar online. Think of a problem that your ideal customer is struggling with that you can help solve in an hour or less. It can be as simple as converting a blog post or video into slides and presenting them and answering questions at the end.

New Small Business Marketing Ideas

This can easily be done for free by going live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If you want something a little more private, Zoom lets you host free classes of up to 100 people for 45 minutes.

Ideas For Your 2022 Small Business Marketing Strategy

Challenges are a great way to take your offline business online. A personal trainer can organize a fitness challenge, a cleaning service can organize a 7-day poop challenge, or a pet sitter can organize a “sit, stay” challenge for people with hyperactive dogs. Anything that prevents a potential customer from being aware of the problem and realizing that they need help solving it.

Organize your challenge via Facebook group or email. You can take it from 5 to

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