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By | March 7, 2023

Pr Firms For Small Businesses – After the last few years, it’s safe to doubt that your small and medium-sized business (SME) is struggling in one or more areas. The statistics on small and medium-sized businesses that closed entirely in the early years of this decade are alarming to say the least. The Covid-19 pandemic is estimated to have permanently closed around 200,000 more businesses than expected. Over the last few years, around 600,000 businesses have gone out of business every year.

Assuming your SME has made it through the office worker diaspora of 2020 and then almost completely lost traffic, you’ll likely want to reshape your business model to survive the uncertain future. Of course, one obvious answer is to shift an ever-increasing percentage of your revenue stream to online sales. So your first instinct might be to redesign your site and call it quits.

Pr Firms For Small Businesses

Pr Firms For Small Businesses

However, creating and maintaining an SEO friendly website – as daunting as it is – is only the first step.

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Internet marketing is very competitive as anyone will tell you. Access to the “field of dreams” is not nearly enough. Can be built, yes, but there is no guarantee that someone will come. Effective PR certainly includes maintaining an SEO-friendly website, but this is only one piece of an increasingly complex puzzle. PR is much more than just a noticeable improvement in website analytics.

Competing for eyeballs online, in print, and in the local community can be daunting for SMB owners new to search engine optimization (SEO) and other PR tools. It can feel like trying to launch a small passenger plane using the same runway as an Airbus A380.

You can relax… it’s perfectly normal to feel ill-equipped to compete with bigger companies with deeper pockets.

Start with the one thing your SME offers that global retailers and big box stores can’t. Namely, your local presence and the reputation for excellent customer service you’ve built up over the years. A comprehensive small business PR agency should be able to quickly identify what makes your SME special. They will then optimize your entire PR approach as a solid first step in achieving these benefits.

Dominating Digital: Small Business Public Relations

Small Business PR Agency Punchlist 1. Find someone who knows the difference between advertising and PR.

If the agency you’re interviewing with immediately starts increasing their advertising budget, keep looking. Too many “experts” still to this day confuse improved public relations with “strategic media buys.” Yes, it’s definitely another part of the equation, but it’s not the whole enchilada either.

Instead, a small business PR agency will know without notice that your advertising budget may already be stretched to breaking point. They will want to know what, if any, ROI you got on that cost. They will be very interested in the specific data that your advertising agencies have provided at the end of your campaigns. (You demanded data-driven accountability from your media, didn’t you?)

Pr Firms For Small Businesses

Likewise, a small business PR agency isn’t going to try to walk into your workplace and start flipping tables. Be wary of anyone who takes their cookie-cutter approach and tries to shoehorn what you do into their new, exciting, proprietary mold. Instead, a truly useful PR agency will try to play to your strengths and promote widespread awareness of what you’re already doing right.

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Yes, you may incur some costs as your business expands its events. Examples might include new signage, graphics services, or automation software package subscriptions. You can offload some of the daily tasks of chatbots, answering the phone, posting on social media, and so on. That can all be well and good, but all expenses should be focused on what makes your business special.

Beware of those who promise to exaggerate. There’s a delicate balance to be found between lowering your expectations too high and guaranteeing that you’ll knock Amazon off the top spot within two years.

For example, small business PR agencies that know their stuff are aware that leading search algorithms change frequently. What works well online today may or may not work next week. Also…your online performance isn’t the only metric a competent PR professional cares about.

Depending on the niche your business occupies, online performance may not even be the most important metric! Of course, you’ll want to make sure you can measure performance metrics both before and after implementing the suggested changes, but this could include turnover rates, on-site traffic, events hosted, vendors added or removed, etc.

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Your small business is in the community. This is true even if you are operating out of a basement with no local office space or retail square footage.

What investments are you making in his well-being? Does your small business have a good reputation among other local business leaders, municipal and city officials? Sure, your sales and payroll contribute to the state, federal and local tax base, but would anyone care if you suddenly uprooted everything and moved to another community?

One of the signs of a small business PR agency that knows its stuff is searching your local media list, yes, but also opening your eyes to other connection opportunities you may have missed. The PR agency you want to work with will ask you about things like the number of speaking engagements your team has accepted, your affiliation with the local chamber of commerce, whether your salespeople really enjoy working with you, etc.

Pr Firms For Small Businesses

Anyone can open a web browser and come up with some new PR ideas for small and medium business owners. Such an approach could indeed prove fruitful – there is nothing wrong with doing research on a regular basis.

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However, for PR professionals, this approach is lazy and unimaginative. It also does nothing to make recommendations that are specific and targeted to your small business.

On the other hand, PR agencies that know what they are doing take a more methodical approach. They will slowly formulate their recommendations tailored to your actual needs. They will want to spend more time on the front end asking lots of questions.

Yes, it is 100% fair for the SME owner to ask for the best delivery date during the first meeting. After all, if a consultant comes up with some ideas you can Google, why would you consider hiring them?

Scammers usually pretend to be the “new sheriff in town” and make extravagant promises. PR professionals usually show up and provide information about your specific niche, its local and online market penetration, and some relevant case studies to use as background information for your initial conversation.

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They offer all of this and more before you’ve even agreed to cut a check. PR professionals do not play games to temporarily increase your sales. That’s good as far as it goes, but it’s not enough.

The PR shop you want to bring into your stable is constantly playing the game. Yes, they want your SME to thrive this year, but they also want you to still be around five, 10, and 25 years from now. They know this will only happen when they help you start moving towards a better and better reputation.

Let’s say your company doesn’t have a good reputation for customer service, quality products or services at fair prices, and a commitment to goals other than your core goals. In that case, they will fearlessly share this insight. They will also show what restoration of this lawn could look like.

Pr Firms For Small Businesses

For most small and medium business owners, public relations is not what motivated them to start a new business. Any PR efforts should in no way diminish or take away from the fact that the main thing is the main thing. You want to dedicate your products and services to continuous improvement, so effective PR is all about taking what’s already true about you and getting more people to know about it.

Pdf) Small Business Financing. Financial Preferences Throughout The Life Cycle Of A Firm

Without a doubt, your PR campaign can make you rethink long-standing policies, practices and operations. It is OK. It’s part of the deal.

Save the log to whatever media you are likely to be using right now. You may discover problems that need to be fixed immediately, but these are usually rare. Instead, you can expect areas of improvement that you can take at your own pace.

A qualified PR agency will present ideas and opportunities without an agenda. They will do their job whether you accept their suggestions or not. You’ll know you’ve found the right PR pros when you feel like they’re genuinely enjoying your wins as much as you are.

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