Small Business Ideas During Pandemic Philippines

By | April 7, 2023
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Small Business Ideas During Pandemic Philippines – Were you fired from your job or are you not earning a salary now? The pandemic has unfortunately put many people out of work and businesses have gone bankrupt. However, you can still make money because people have new needs and hobbies. Check out the list of popular and profitable businesses or gigs in the Philippines today.

A word of advice though, don’t expect to make thousands immediately after having this. You will have to work hard and market to the right people. Social media is also an advantage because people are on their phones these days. Make sure you are always present and ready to respond to potential customers.

Small Business Ideas During Pandemic Philippines

Small Business Ideas During Pandemic Philippines

One industry that was really hit during the pandemic was restaurants, as people are wary of going out. If you’re a good cook, creative, or quick learner, you can have a food or beverage business! Cook in the comfort of your home and deliver to customers. Simple things like Siomai, international cuisine Korean food (Kimchi or Tteokbokki) or desserts like Mango Float can be different. Some examples of popular drinks are Milktea, Tapioca and Yogurt drinks. Make sure you have a market; people interested in buying such foods. Or just have a good marketing strategy, like surprise your friends that they ordered.)

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Many food businesses have opened in our small town: Milk, Street Food (cooking at home instead of on the street), Korean Street Food, Desserts and many more in this pandemic. Most of them have free delivery, so there is no need to go out, which is convenient for customers. Some open all day, others on selected days; They only update us on Facebook and also post their products there.

Some people can’t go out, and some choose not to, so this concert is great, especially if you know a lot of people. If you don’t know anyone, sign up with Food Panda, Grab, Lala Move and many other companies. You can charge at least PHP 40 per task, so if you do 5 or 10 a day, you can earn PHP 200 or PHP 400.

If you don’t have a Food Panda or Grab service in your city, you can create your own. Collaborate with entrepreneurs, such as Food or beverage owners, grocery stores, etc. Also, recruit some friends or interested people to serve many people at the same time. In addition to delivery, you also perform additional services such as grocery shopping on behalf of customers. Again, since transactions can be online, you may be in for a surprise; for example, a boyfriend abroad asks you to deliver flowers to his girlfriend in your city. That would be sweet and wonderful!

Do you have too many clothes in your wardrobe? Have your children grown up and their clothes don’t fit? Well, why not clean out your closet and sell your clothes online at a fair or affordable price? I did this, and it is rewarded; I have money for food cravings, and my closet has more room.

Best Online Business Ideas For 2023

You can also do a business and buy ukay-ukay packs. It would cost at least PHP 2,000 per bag, and it has a lot of blouses, dresses, pants or trousers depending on what you choose. The price of these is up to you. It would also help to know how to photograph or pair things together so that it looks good online. As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But hey, her ukay-ukay isn’t really ‘trash’, many of my favorite outfits are from Ukay-Ukay, and they either look brand new or have never been worn.

P.S. I really don’t know why people are still buying clothes in this ‘crisis’. However, if you want my personal reason, it’s for future OOTD purposes, and I find clothes shopping convenient. lol

As we all know, the education system in our country (and perhaps in most of the world) has changed; classes are either modular or online. Somehow, parents are too busy to help their children, or some children just can’t cope, so guidance is a good option. If you are a teacher or are good at one subject (or all), you can use your skills and knowledge. The schedule will depend on you or your parents; You can do it for an hour every day, or for half a day each MWF. Just follow protocols like hand washing, sanitizing or wearing masks to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Small Business Ideas During Pandemic Philippines

Many became interested in plants during the pandemic and named it ‘Plantitos’ or ‘Plantitas’. If you have a lot of plants in your house or farm, why not sell them? You can earn extra income from them. Some plants cost thousands even though they are often found in the provinces. I’m not a green thumb or plant lover, but I see them on my Facebook feed. Friends who are looking for plants, selling them or sending their plants to them. So it’s definitely a good idea because plants can reduce stress and help people feel better.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas

Here are 5 popular and profitable businesses and gigs in the Philippines today in these tough times. Note that you won’t win immediately; You will have to work hard and market your products. People wouldn’t know you’re selling if you display it at home; so post it on Facebook, message boards and tell your friends. Good luck with your venture!

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Small Business Ideas During Pandemic Philippines

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