Small Business Ideas Essay

By | April 2, 2023
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Small Business Ideas Essay – The fifteenth of July is the best writing assignment list this year. I just logged into my Essayshark account as usual. The site seems to be as busy as ever, orders are pouring in and our fellow writers are doing their best to bid on as many assignments as possible. I review past work reviews; that’s how I motivate myself before starting the day. Customer reviews influence me the most. Before I’ve checked all my mail, I get a beep alerting that a new request has been sent to my mail.

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Small Business Ideas Essay

Small Business Ideas Essay

When opened, Theophillus! How could we forget about this client who always wanted his work to be flawless and whose point was explained clearly with minimal words. I have written to Theophillus many times and sent a request for my letter without having to provide it as normal. Unfortunately, he posted about an hour ago and then walked away. We cannot speak; but the direction is always clear.

Characteristics & Traits Of An Entrepreneur

I scroll down to see the assignment details. Theophillus needed an overview of technology’s impact on small business development. I couldn’t help but smile because that’s what I wanted; something practical to start the day with.

I remember the task was done within an hour. The moment my fingers are on the keyboard, I can’t stop typing and the thoughts and opinions are flooding in. For the next half hour, I concentrated on developing this article. I was hypnotized by this topic, and half an hour passed unexpectedly.

When I stopped to review my work, I realized that I had developed a 2000 word document for a 1000 word assignment.

It was refreshing because I developed a learning environment in that half hour. I feel like I just gave a talk at an international forum. It makes me miss my students, especially my last class on vacation.

Infographic: South Africa’s Small Businesses See Growth Ahead

I used the remaining time to summarize half of the 2,000-word document. Still, I feel like I could have room for more articles. This is one of the easiest assignments I’ve ever written, among others in my field of expertise.

I’ve loved business all my life, went to high school, college, and majored in accounting and finance; not to mention CPA, which I feel is actually one of the most relevant assignments I’ve written in a long time.

In addition, I own and operate several businesses where technology plays an important role in reducing costs and maximizing profits. I am a major beneficiary of Fast Books and New Books; due to the impact of technology on small businesses.

Small Business Ideas Essay

Two hours later, I received a proposal from Theophillus, who praised my work and asked if I could write a book about the same. I have to say this is a project for another day. I will never forget this experience.

Xero Gravity: Effective Communication Matters In Small Biz

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Leadership Analysis Policy Strategy Corporate Management History Education Culture Health and Social Care Communication Psychology Marketing American Economics Finance Students Business Sociology Literature Research Abuse Analysis Nursing Law Philosophy Environment War Technology Government Entertainment Food Science Religious Ethics Occupational Safety Family Other Social People Sexuality Art World Community Development Disorders Accounting Civil Rights Book Authors Wild Planet’s mission is to provide meaningful toys for parents and preschoolers. To achieve this mission, Wild Planet works to ensure that the cool toy brands it develops don’t lose interest as kids get older (Fox Business). So, it’s worth the fight to buy these toys for kids to use for a lifetime.

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The corporate climate at Wild Planet is autonomous and decentralized. As such, it encourages creativity while freeing employees in the creative process of developing ideas aimed at developing the company’s products (Pearson). Therefore, ensure the success of the company by maximizing the potential of creative thinking.

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The company’s continued growth since its inception has been driven by the satisfaction (Fox Business) of customer feedback gathered from parents and children about the value the toys provide. For this reason, Daniel Grossman continues to invest in toys priced to mean savings for parents and cool toys for kids (Pearson).

The reason for creating Wild Planet was to provide a toy brand that would provide children and parents with continuity beyond the early preschool years of development (Pearson). So kids will have fun and enjoy toys from the same brand manufacturer, which will also leave them with great memories. In fact, Grossman has already achieved this goal, thanks to the positive feedback the company has received from customers (Fox Business).

Well, Daniel Grossman and his company Wild Planet fit my notion of small startups because they fall into the category of entrepreneurial businesses. Typically, entrepreneurs rely on income, loans, and capital to start a business (Pearson). In Grossman’s case, they did. So Grossman is an entrepreneur whose initial investment was funded by friends and his earnings (Fox Business).

Small Business Ideas Essay

Creativity, innovation, risk-taking and courage are some of the attributes of entrepreneurship. I found Grossman to be creative as he considered how to combine his previous work experience as a sociologist and ex-toy company to meet the modern social gaming needs of his client (Pearson). Innovating because they thought of unique toy brands that offer continuity of value. He’s also a daring risk-taker (Fox Business) when he ventures into uncharted territory and succeeds.

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I wouldn’t class Wild Planet as a franchise, but I believe it would be an SMB. In my opinion, the franchise should be a large company (Pearson) with multiple branches at home and abroad. I think Wild Planet should be expanded further into a franchise.

The secret to Wild Planet’s growth and success lies in two attributes. First, the HRM approach allows for autonomy, whereby employees are free to brainstorm ideas that are critical to the company’s success (Pearson). Second, businesses thrive on the feedback they receive from customers because it is the basis for change. Therefore, businesses can notice their weaknesses and improve them to create products that meet customer needs (Fox Business).

Grossman initially raised funding for the business through angel investors, meaning he received goodwill grants from individuals (Pearson) who thought his business was viable. He then took out several loans to fund the company’s operations for ten years, and he stopped relying on angel investors and loans (Fox Business) until the company could cover its own costs.

Pearson. Wild Planet: Entrepreneurship: Pursue Your Small Business Dream of Success. 2013. 21 07 2018. .

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New small businesses are popping up across the country every day, and a large percentage of these new businesses are started by women. Women start businesses, from accounting and bookkeeping to dog walking and freelance graphic design.

Small Business Ideas Essay

The options seem endless, and deciding which small business idea is the most interesting, or whether you want to start your own business, can be difficult. The good news is, if you’re thinking about starting a business, you’re not alone. According to the 2018 American Express report, “The State of Women-Owned Businesses,” approximately 1,800 new businesses were founded by women every day from 2017 to 2018.

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