Small Business Ideas For Filipino

By | April 1, 2023
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Small Business Ideas For Filipino – The best home cooking business ideas in the Philippines will benefit small business owners today. And you want to earn some money by selling food, right? This is a good idea considering that Filipinos are very fond of different foods. Not to mention that food is a daily necessity.

That’s why you want to know the best trendy food ideas to start a business. Something that is easy to sell and something that you can do well in your home kitchen. After all, you don’t need to set up a full-fledged business in a store or kiosk to make money.

Small Business Ideas For Filipino

Small Business Ideas For Filipino

Consider the most important food on the Filipino kitchen table: Rice. You have many options for your rice food business. Get it right, and you’ll reap huge rewards.

Small Business Ideas In The Philippines (food Negosyo 2022)

Your first choice is the main rice and side dish combo. Yes, you can enjoy Adobo, Pork, Fried Chicken, Afritada and more. you can sell a side dish by yourself. But selling them with rice will give your customers more value for their coins.

You can choose to sell them at carinderias or buy disposable plastic lunch boxes to serve packed lunches. It is also a good idea to sell them as rice mix in large cups with plastic containers.

Now you can’t find fried rice with homemade food business ideas in the Philippines anymore. Tapsilog, longsilog, tosilog, hotsilog, etc. Think about it These products are easy to sell especially to students. But put them in disposable lunch boxes, and you’ll make them sell more because of their convenience.

Yes, you can sell snacks to satisfy the appetite or taste of your customers. Popular pizza pies, hamburgers, hotdog sandwiches, fries, siomai, siopao, empanadas, cakes and more. start

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Don’t miss out on trying Filipino delicacies like biko, suman, bibinka, puto, kunta, and sapin-sapin, among many others.

As the name suggests, street food is food commonly sold on the streets of the Philippines. These include barbecue, fish balls, peanuts, and even isa and balut.

Yes, you can sell them on the street like other vendors in the Philippines. But packaging them in prominent and unique packaging allows them to be sold elsewhere. Consider selling them through social media or by presenting them at events.

Small Business Ideas For Filipino

Filipinos love coffee. The cup is perfect when you want to relieve drowsiness or when paired with a hearty meal or snack.

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This makes coffee convenient for Filipino students and workers. You can provide homemade coffee mugs and have them delivered on demand. Or choose a full-service coffee shop if possible. Renting a coffee machine is another popular option.

The best thing about coffee is that there are so many different options. It doesn’t even have to be hot if the customer wants it, especially if they want a cup of iced coffee.

Speaking of cold cups, there are plenty of options in the Philippines today too, with great home-made business ideas. Cold coffee or popular milk tea are some of them. Some good products to consider are smoothies, fruit shakes, soft serve ice cream, ice cubes, ice pops, halo-halo, etc.

Even simple cold water, soda and cola are the most sold in the Philippines. You have the hot weather to thank for that.

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One note, these products are great for sidewalks and bus stops. But many retailers don’t think to sell this cold food near grocery stores. You are not competing with them. Instead, you would complement each other’s businesses well.

Selling canned food is also a good option in this country. Tuyo, daing, bagong, aligue, etc.

You can sell them in individual packages, in sets, or be a supplier to other food businesses. For example, you can be a bagun supplier to raw mango sellers or carinderias that sell Binagungan. Selling to these sari-sari stores is also a good idea.

Small Business Ideas For Filipino

Finally, consider selling pancit or noodle products. You have many noodles to choose from such as pancit palabok, miki, malabon, bihon, sotanghon and mami.

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Some of them are sold as a side dish to rice dishes, but pancit is best sold as a stand-alone dish. They are also perfect as a snack or meal and are loved by almost all noodles in the country.

The food business in the Philippines is flexible and profitable. There is a really long list of options from different food categories and the love of Filipino food will definitely show to your customers. Choose one or more of these home-based food business ideas in the Philippines and start planning your business launch right away!

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Small Business Ideas For Filipino

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Small Business Ideas For Filipino

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