Small Business Ideas On Instagram

By | April 27, 2023
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Small Business Ideas On Instagram – I know what you’re thinking. Why should I post on my Instagram stories? Businesses big and small alike are using the power of Instagram Stories to grow their followers and connect with their audience.

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Small Business Ideas On Instagram

Small Business Ideas On Instagram

As a marketer, you do what you can to reach potential leads and new customers. In fact, a video with Instagram stories will get your business new leads and notoriety when done right.

Super Creative Instagram Story Ideas To Attract Followers

The next question you have is “what should I write?” This is where you need to get the creative juices flowing and think outside the box to get more eyes on your business.

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Remember that clients and customers are people so they want to see you and what you do. Give your followers insight into your life and work process. Have you visited the park? Want to go to a networking event?

Go ahead and whip out your smartphone for behind-the-scenes footage of your life as an entrepreneur. Behind the scenes, Instagram stories will let your audience know who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Instagram Stories Ideas Bank To Market Your Small Business

Think about the people you hire and your co-workers. Just because you don’t have peers anymore doesn’t mean you can’t connect with someone else in your industry to take over Instagram Stories.

When using Instagram Stories for your small business, you need to be creative to keep producing interesting content. What better way to surprise your audience than with one of your colleagues.

You can also appear in other people’s stories. Just go online and start networking.

Small Business Ideas On Instagram

Avoid plagiarizing someone’s post without crediting them. Proper content creation etiquette means asking before taking screenshots and reposting. There is actually an icon on Instagram where you can send someone’s post to your stories without having to take a screenshot.

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Again, be sure to ask for permission and credit the original poster for the content. Tagging someone else in your Instagram stories also increases your engagement so it’s a win-win situation.

This is another great way to increase your Instagram story engagement. Depending on your target audience and target customer, you can ask industry related questions or simple questions like “Do you prefer tacos or pizza?”

The more interesting or interesting the question, the better. You can easily vote using the additional buttons in the Instagram Stories section. Try to ask questions that are so simple that your followers will automatically want to interact with your business account.

Successful business owners are not shy about showing off their good work. Take a screenshot of your latest win and post it to your stories. You can also go live to chat about customer feedback and how great your business has been.

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If you recently gave or got a new connection, keep that sharing going as well. People really want to see you win!

Humorous posts and inspirational quotes work well on business websites. Be sure to keep your brand strategy in mind before finding a quote or meme to post.

You can also create your own graphics with software like Canva. Add emojis and gifs to those stories and you’re good to go.

Small Business Ideas On Instagram

Now that I have told you all about creative Instagram stories for business owners, you must know the other aspects. You can add hashtags, gifs, stickers, emojis, tag others and even share your location on IG stories.

Business Instagram Design Template With Rocket Vector Image

You’ll want to use these features to not only increase engagement on Instagram Stories, but also encourage responses from your audience.

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What To Post On Instagram: 20 Great Content Ideas (2023)

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Well, the appeal of Instagram for many of us creative types is that it’s a visual medium. We are visual people! Isn’t it great to browse your feed to connect with friends and family, gather feasts of visual inspiration from your favorite artists and brands, and learn and live for yourself through the images of the people you admire?

Being the smart and savvy (did I say creative?) small business owner that you are, you already know that Instagram is the place to grow, connect and scale your business. So sure, if you have a fitness coaching business, if you blog about food, or if you’re a copywriter and digital nomad, this whole Instagram thing can be a great way to share what you’re up to visually. . Done right, it’s probably eye-catching and instantly appealing.

What if you know nothing about photography? But what if your business is not visible? What if you have a service-based business?

Small Business Ideas On Instagram

For some companies, the visual emphasis is not as obvious as the ones I mentioned earlier because they are based on services. What is “visible” and “Instagrammable” about a tax accountant? Or someone with legal advice, or maybe someone who owns a virtual assistant business?

Reel And Tiktok Ideas For Introverted Small Business Owners

For example, if you run a virtual assistant business, how can you explain what you do “digitally” in a visual way that will attract and engage your audience?

Similarly, if you are a legal consultant… how can you encourage people to engage with your Instagram?

If you own a service-based business, then the first task is to find out what your business is about and what exactly you sell:

Understanding the emotions your audience and customers feel during their journey is what allows you to communicate your business purpose through images and captions. As an example of a tax accountant, this is a business that ultimately sells peace of mind to people and businesses that support their families. Therefore, the best way to promote yourself through Instagram can be to share pictures of posts that evoke a sense of work, or a well-known photo that reminds them of their family and why they do what they do with their business and finances.

Small Business Saturday — Common Space Brewery

I love the word mess. It can mean more than what I do after pouring almond milk into my coffee. Exciting is how I would describe the best Instagram caption strategy. Especially if you are a service company.

Agitation /ˈstəriNG/ causes great excitement or intense emotion; wake up synonyms: exciting, stimulating, action-packed, arresting, attractive, approving, stimulating, exciting, stimulating, moving, exciting, exciting, exciting, passion, feeling, emotion, sensation, intoxication, soul-stirring; trunk mounds; Rare inspiration, anthemic

Compelling captions not only drive engagement from an engaged audience, but also build a story about you and your business. It can bring awareness about who you are, your team, what you do and why you do it. It evokes emotions from your audience who are on the platform to connect with their passions. Not only do they want to connect, if you reach the right people, they will also want to hear more from you and learn more about what you do and why you do it.

Small Business Ideas On Instagram

Let’s take the example of an online assistant company. If you were a freelancer looking to connect with small business owners and you happen to be a social media pro, you’ll definitely want to post pictures of yourself, quotes and sayings that inspire you, and your organized office space. Not only do these images give potential clients the impression that you’re put together and well organized – so, it also shows that you can bring a similar sense of calm and order to their business and social media.

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But wait! What if your social media feed looks great but there’s no substance in the captions and nothing to stir that emotion?

How would you describe one of the pictures below? Give it some thought, then skip to the images below to see an example of the types of captions you can create.

Here is an example of a short description that a virtual assistant might write on one of the images below:

Did you see how the above description was created and what it did in the end? These quotes hit us right in the gut and straight. It drew a picture, gave a step-by-step solution in dissolved form,

How To Make Sure Your Instagram Business Ideas Will Work

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