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Smu Ms In Business Analytics

Smu Ms In Business Analytics

The MSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics) degree program at SMU Cox provides students with the skills and competencies needed by employers in the fields of business intelligence, IT, data mining, marketing, operations and consulting. It is a broad and in-depth study on a variety of management and careers that explores the latest ways to transform data into relevant information for decision makers. The MSBA program gives students a degree in business analytics and prepares them to start successful careers in the growing field of business analytics from business analysts, data analysts, marketing analysts, financial analysts, database and data rehouse architects to data scientists.

Smu Partners With Edx To Expand Online Data Science Offerings

The Cox School of Business MSBA is 33 credit hours, two semesters (four, seven-week modules). This degree program is “joined” with the Department of Information Technology and Operations Management and the Department of Marketing. Students have a choice of two professional programs or majors, one focusing more on database concepts and applications (Business Process Analytics) and the other focusing on marketing research and customer-oriented analytics (Customer Analytics).

Students enroll in the fall semester and graduate in May. No full-time work experience is required to be approved.

Our partner sites: Poets & Quants of Execs | Poet and Quants for Students | Tipping the scales | We see GeniusBusiness intelligence and data analytics inform senior decision making. With this skill set, they uncover the causes of organizational problems, communicate with all stakeholders, and implement successful solutions. In Saint Mary’s University’s online Master’s in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (MS BIDA) program, you will spend a solid year* gaining world-class skills and knowledge in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, big data. analytics and presentation skills. After graduation, you will be an expert you can rely on to identify cause-and-effect relationships and provide sound advice for solving problems.

As part of the MS BIDA program, students choose one of three certifications to further tailor their program to their career path and interest:

Smu Boot Camp Credit Waiver

The online MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics empowers you to make decisions with a multi-player perspective and the power of data analytics. It shows you how to find, analyze and articulate your answers to questions such as: How do we gain a competitive advantage in business? Where can we save money in the marketing sector? What is the best way to price this market? How can we improve the workforce?

“No one will give the leader exactly what he needs to see things. Organizations need experts who have the power to do research… and who can adapt to the reality of big data. Companies want to know how you can relate to different stakeholders and what you can do when faced with incomplete data. They want answers, not excuses. ” – Michael Ratajczyk, Program Director, Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Program.

Saint Mary’s University’s Online Master’s in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics is an experience program that provides data management and visualization skills that hiring managers will immediately recognize. While this degree focuses on learning how to access, analyze and present data, it also teaches you how to be successful when dealing with the day-to-day challenges that are part of working with big data. You will use a combination of real-time big data sets from various companies and the tools needed to navigate this complex environment throughout the year*-long program – shaping you as a polished professional who can deliver optimal results regardless of the situation. .

Smu Ms In Business Analytics

A master’s degree in business intelligence and data analytics isn’t just for the mathematician. Rapid growth and the availability of big data allow managers to respond more accurately to the real reasons for identifying organizational problems and provide a clear path to successful solutions. Regardless of the industry, business intelligence and analytics are used to inform decision making and achieve optimal results in

Master Of Science In Business Analytics (msba)

“Although we welcome and encourage math majors and programmers to apply, there is no level of math ability or experience required to succeed here. And I think a lot of people, both mathematicians and designers, are surprised by that.” – Michael Ratajczyk, Program Director of the MS BIDA program at Saint Mary’s.

The application-based program in the MS Business Intelligence and Data Analytics degree is designed for professionals to solve problems and those who want to see how “all the pieces of the puzzle” fit together. Through the program, you will transform into an expert who can find, understand and communicate the opportunities offered by big data in a unified way for all stakeholders.

Students of M.S. A BIDA degree program must choose the field of business analytics, artificial intelligence, or health analytics as part of the degree requirements. These options are also available as stand-alone certificates.

To get an M.S. BIDA study program. Click on the program name below for more information.

Building The Future Of Business At Smu

Saint Mary’s education puts knowledge and opportunity in your hands. Our mobile learning programs give you the flexibility to fit your skills and personal schedule as you build skills and knowledge to develop, explore and advance your career. It’s the freedom you need to grow with a dynamic, supportive community that understands the needs of your education, your work, and your everyday life.

Request a free brochure or call 877-308-9954 to speak with an advisor today about pursuing an online master’s degree in business intelligence and data analytics at Saint Mary’s.

*Students who choose to enroll in MS BIDA with a Data Analytics certificate can earn their degree in one year. Additional certifications may extend the program’s time to completion. DALLAS and LANHAM, MD, February 7, 2023 // — SMU (Southern Methodist University) and edX, the leading global learning platform from 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), today announced a new partnership to expand SMU’s current data science offerings on In spring 2023, SMU plans to open two new professional certificate programs in data science. In addition, SMU has extended its agreement with 2U to support the online Master’s in Data Science (MSDS) until 2027.

Smu Ms In Business Analytics

Since partnering with 2U in 2014, SMU has offered a variety of online learning programs that have played an important role in the university system. Last year, SMU introduced a credit waiver that gives students who have earned a bachelor’s degree the opportunity to apply for credit to the MSDS program after completing their data science course, which is also available on edX. Additional professional certification programs provide opportunities for students to acquire valuable skills.

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“Stackable methods—where students jump from one progressive level of learning to the next, gaining knowledge and certifications of increasing value and complexity—allow students to continue their education in a way that makes sense to them,” said Thomas DiPiero. , dean of SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. “Our partnership with eEDX allows us to offer these flexible learning opportunities in an accessible and affordable way, helping students shape their education and career paths.”

Data scientists are among the most in-demand jobs in the US. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job of data scientists is expected to grow 36 percent from 2021 to 2031—that’s about 13,500 data science job openings projected each year. To date, more than 500 students have graduated from SMU’s MSDS program and more than 1,400 students have completed the data science camp.

“edX and SMU have joined forces to recognize the need for innovative and affordable educational programs that support the needs of students and employers,” said Andrew Hermalyn, president of partnerships at edX, a 2U company. “As the demand for data scientists continues to grow, programs like those offered by SMU will play an important role in developing, developing and retraining talent.”

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