Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

By | February 21, 2023

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns – Most (if not all) non-profit organizations in 2020 struggled to do their work, recruit volunteers and appeal to donors. But as the year came to a close, Giving Tuesday 2020 saw a 34% increase in donations from last year. There was a strong desire to give many.

In addition, charitable donations to NonProfit Times projects are only expected to increase in 2021, and 2022. Despite the ongoing economic impact of this epidemic, many people are eager to give their support and show up for several reasons. That’s good news!

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

With a month to go, there is still time to call on donors to speed up the spirit of giving on Giving Tuesday. This post shares Giving Tuesday campaign examples from real organizations (including a few that just started in 2021) that you can use for inspiration, your creative plan, and inspiration for your group.

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Weal also has a free social media campaign tool that you can download. Whether it’s a Giving Tuesday campaign, or a future social media campaign, this free download is a great social media planning tool.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best Giving Tuesday campaign examples you’ll come across. These campaigns are sure to inspire you and your team.

Treehouse for Kids is a great example of a nonprofit that excels in social media marketing and communications campaigns. They have a strong visual brand, their designs are attractive yet simple, they have a creative approach to audience participation and they are very strategic. It is also not a large non-profit organization. If you’re looking for inspiration, it’s definitely a good place to start.

Treehouse for kids is Washington State’s leading child care organization, has participated in Giving Tuesdays for many years, and has taken a more active approach starting in 2018. They have found each year that they have and great influence.

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In 2019, research from the Nonprofit Innovation and Optimization (NIO) Conference Tree in September 2019, they were able to change the methods that led to the donation that led to an amazing increase of 113% of the funds collected from the previous year.

Feedback from last year’s NIO Conference helped Treehouse for Kids better understand and target the right audience with their campaign. Their behavior dictated the language they used and how their messages changed as they continued their campaign.

2020 was no exception. They took a balanced approach to Giving Tuesday, preparing their audience. They gave a week’s notice, a reminder the day before, and a notice to start on the day of.

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

On Giving Tuesday, Treehouse for Kids changed their messaging to appeal to their target audience. First, there’s Treehouse Bingo – an innovative and progressive brand for social media audiences. It’s basically bingo where bingo items are activities that support their purpose. While doing different tasks, you can check them on the bingo card until you get bingo! It’s a great way to bring people together, reward them and promote the idea of ​​”giving back”.

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One of the bingo items was Giving on Giving Tuesday, and they reminded their audience of that. It is a good way to sow seeds early.

Throughout the day, Treehouse for Kids continued to share interesting facts. They talk about their partners helping young people during the holidays.

They shared testimonials from young people who benefited from Treehouse for Kids support. They also created clear, concise graphics to encourage patronage as well.

A popular strategy for nonprofits participating in Giving Tuesday (which you’ll see in other examples as well), is to find a partner willing to match the donation dollar (or triple) up to a certain amount. motivation on Giving Tuesday, more than any other day, is the driving force behind giving.

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Also, a clearer picture of who your donors are, what they care about, and how to appeal to them will help you reach the right people in the right way. Even if you don’t have a large partnership to draw on, you’ll know how to update your messages to bring in existing donors or appeal to new ones, like Treehouse for Kids, to have a big impact.

The 2020 Canadian Feed the Children Giveaway on Tuesday was a huge success, raising a total of $175K! They had the right relationships in the area. Their views on giving on Tuesday were thoughtful and inspiring. The social media post below shows a child enjoying a full meal, which speaks volumes for the impact donors can expect.

Many organizations, even though they are busy, can forget to thank their donors and supporters. But it is important to take care of the people who helped you. Recognition goes a long way and seeing that their efforts were involved in a greater goal can motivate people to stay involved. Canada Feed the Children did not forget to do so.

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

The American Heart Association took a no-nonsense approach to Giving Tuesday 2020. However, it makes sense when you consider the size of the organization, the size of its following, and the frequency with which it campaigns. .

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On their social media they announced their ability to match donations, doubling the donations received that day. However, they chose not to bring it to Giving Tuesday from their original account.

Instead, they worked on press releases that encouraged their network of supporters and donors to encourage Tuesday’s donation to the American Heart Association.

Articles like this that you will find on their website, you will see social posts and pictures that anyone can share on their own to spread the word. This is great because it improves the quality of everyone’s post, but it also ensures clear messages. The statement made by the American Heart Association is reinforced by their audience and is consistent.

Even if you have a moderate audience, using them in this way means that your message can reach many new people.

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For the past few years, World Vision has run a similar giving campaign in partnership with Thirty-One Giving Tuesdays.

Thirty-One Gifts is a direct selling company dedicated to empowering women and families. The company hires female consultants to market and sell their products.

For every gift from a World Vision donor, Thirty One Gifts matches it with products of equal value. This means that the impact of each donation is doubled, helping twice as many people get clothes and supplies by the end of the year.

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

As an established brand, Thirty-One Gifts products are known for their quality. The gifted thirty-ones are also driven by good intentions, and are involved in various social projects. That way, World Vision donors support many good causes when they give on Giving Tuesday.

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In 2019, World Vision shipped 88,000 products to communities across 12 countries! That is a very good result in just one day.

The Parenthood Campaign had several calls to action on Tuesday. However, the spirit of their campaign was to clarify its broad purpose, and to show a sense of unity and solidarity with their supporters.

How did they do that? They encouraged volunteers and donors to share videos of themselves talking about why they support Planned Parenthood. Because Planned Parenthood’s reproductive health care program touches on several unique topics, it’s a great way for those who support the organization to celebrate them, rather than Planned Parenthood itself.

Planned Parenthood encouraged people to share #Unselfies, providing a worksheet to fill out. Best of all, for those without social media accounts, they could submit content directly to Planned Parenthood who would post it on their behalf.

Effective Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Campaign Example #4: Oxfam America

This example from Giving Tuesday (organization) tells us a lot about how to use images and clear language to inspire action.

A beautiful image of Afghanistan is beautiful and attracts our attention. It suggests a good place rather than a bad one. This can work in a time when we don’t like certain types of news, removing the news of civil and political unrest around the world.

The CTA is also strong and clear. Asking for help can feel vague and weak. It means this

Successful Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Someone can help, it can make people know how to read further. With such a call to action, you want to provide options to help. If they don’t give in, can people get involved in some way, spread the word, sign a petition? This way someone who is not ready to give but has a powerful role to play in expanding the reach of your Giving Tuesday campaign.

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This is a clever joke by Nomadic Critters, a small non-profit organization that provides free veterinary care to the pets of homeless people in Boise, Idaho. It’s sweet, simple and unforgettable.

Instead of using guilt or emotion, he uses humor to convey the importance of giving on Giving Tuesday. It also gives the audience an expectation that the Giving Tuesday campaign will be organized and delivered at that time.

It’s not just a funny comic, it was released a few days before Halloween, making it seasonally important and therefore giving

People who may appreciate their sense of humor and time are still spreading the message. This post was published a few hours before I found it and had already been shared on other groups and social accounts.

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