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# Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills refer to the abilities required to deliver impactful speeches or presentations before a live audience. Some key public speaking skills include:

– Content creation – Researching topic, structuring speech logically and keeping it engaging.

– Verbal delivery – Using appropriate tone, pace, volume and pronunciation of words.

– Body language – Maintaining eye contact, confident posture and hand gestures to complement words.

– Interpersonal skills – Connecting with audience, handling Q&A confidently.

– Impromptu speaking – Ability to think on feet and address random queries persuasively.

– Speech writing – Outlining ideas coherently with proper introductions, transitions and conclusions.

Regular practice helps sharpen these skills, overcome stage fright and emerge as a compelling communicator who can influence audience.

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: Unlocking Your Career Potential through Personal Development

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