Tips And Tricks For Iphone

By | March 20, 2023

Tips And Tricks For Iphone – Your iPhone is no less than a magical device that can perform hundreds of functions and replace many everyday accessories. But even the most avid iPhone users are not aware of many of its features and hence cannot use it to its full potential.

This post aims to highlight some of the lesser-known but no less interesting iPhone features that can be useful in various everyday situations and greatly enhance your productivity. So, let’s start with the list.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

You can create custom alerts for different people in your contacts so you know who’s calling or texting without looking at your phone.

Here Are Ten Ios 11 Tips And Tricks For Your Iphone Or Ipad

If you want to experience the features of the upcoming version of iOS before it is released (an iOS developer or anyone curious about the new version), there is a way to install the beta version of the software on your iPhone.

Thanks to the Apple Beta software program, you can install its future operating system (iOS, macOS or tvOS) and… Read more

It’s amazing how many different tools your iPhone can use, including a magnifying glass. This is a very useful feature for people with nearsightedness who have trouble reading small text (or finding hidden clues during a treasure hunt).

Starting today, when you triple-tap the home button, your iPhone’s camera turns into a magnifying glass and your screen into a viewfinder.

Hidden Iphone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Siri is a technological marvel and a useful feature for iPhone users. On a lighter note, Siri makes you feel good when you ask her to perform a task and she does it to the best of her ability. Enough cheese?

Well, you can have even more fun with Siri by teaching it to call you by a specific name. Simply activate Siri by holding down the side button on your iPhone and tell her, “Call ___ from today.”

Some people have names that are hard to pronounce and catch – even Siri. But unlike people who usually mispronounce names, Siri’s name mispronouncements can be fixed permanently.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

And present a list of pronunciations that can be played aloud by clicking the play button.

Time Saving Hacks: Iphone Tips And Tricks You Need To Learn Today

And if you find any of Siri’s pronunciations wrong, give her name again.

You can connect two pairs of AirPods (or some Beats headphones like the PowerBeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro) to the same iPhone.

This is a great feature, especially when traveling when you and your friends want to watch the same movie or listen to the same music.

From time to time, you subscribe to a service that you stop using after a while or that you no longer need. But you forget to unsubscribe and continue to be charged without notice or find out that the payment has already been made.

Tips And Tricks For Your New Iphone X

Note: Your subscription does not expire immediately after you click “Cancel Subscription” and usually expires on the day it is renewed.

So you’ve finally decided to ditch your Android phone and switch to an iPhone. Well, congratulations… But wait, you’ll have a lot of trouble switching from one OS to another, especially when both OSes are so different in terms of features and functionality.

You don’t have to worry because we have covered the iOS to Android migration topic in detail in this post. So read on and start using your iPhone.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

Are you an Android user who recently purchased an iOS device and are having trouble setting up… Read More

Iphone 14 Tips And Tricks For Day 1 Users (hard & Software)

Apple has a great iOS, but there are times when one of your apps freezes or your phone freezes in the middle of something important.

In such cases, the best solution is to force restart your iPhone. Check out this tutorial to learn how to hard reset any iPhone model.

Apple prides itself on developing the most efficient operating system for its phones. However, iOS still… Read More

While iOS tries to update all your apps, it doesn’t do it immediately. Sometimes iOS Bulk takes hours or days before updating your apps.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Iphone 12 That You May Not Know Of

To combat this, you can take matters into your own hands and manually update all the apps on your iPhone.

In addition to making phone calls or exchanging information, Siri can do many other things, including retrieving your passwords.

And it will take you to the Passwords & Accounts section of the Settings app and authenticate you to reveal your saved passwords.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

Apple has added another useful feature called Continuity Camera in macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

Hidden Ios 16 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Iphone More Useful

With this feature, you can take pictures and scan documents from your iPhone and instantly add/transfer them directly to your Mac – no wires and no software.

There are now two ways to use the Continuity Camera feature. You can get images to your desktop or paste them directly into any Mac document program.

Remember: For Continuity Camera to work, your Mac and iOS devices must be in the same iCloud and close to each other.

There are apps full of ready-made iPhone ringtones. But if you want your ringtone to have its own personal touch (a specific part of a song or your baby’s first words), then go ahead and create it yourself.

Ios 16 Tips & Tricks

When you go to a photo album on your iPhone, you’re taken to the very bottom of the album, where the most recent photos are displayed. So to get to the beginning of the album where the first few photos are, you have to scroll all the way to the end. And for those who have hundreds of photos on their phone, scrolling takes a long time.

Tap the top of the screen once and you’ll go to the top of the album.

AirPods are really cool, but because of their small size and wireless connectivity, they often get lost. But if you lose them, there is a way to find them through your iPhone.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

Activate Siri and say “Find my AirPods” and Siri will play a loud sound from your wireless earbuds to help you find them.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone 12 (mini, 12, Pro And Max)

Are you annoyed by too many spam or unknown calls? You can easily get rid of unknown numbers by forwarding them directly to voicemail.

But before enabling this feature, make sure all the important numbers are saved in the address book so that you don’t lose them.

Smartphone users complain of battery life draining while in use. I don’t know about other manufacturers, but Apple phones have a feature that allows you to extend battery life.

This feature is called “Optimized Battery Charging” and it allows your iPhone’s battery to age more slowly by charging it slightly differently.

Tips To Use Iphone Like A Pro In 2023

“To reduce battery life, iPhone learns your daily charging routine so you can wait until it’s 80% charged before using it.”

If you ever want to move multiple apps around on your iPhone, the only way is to hold and drag them one by one – not very efficient, right?

Well, Apple has finally decided to pay attention to this inefficient feature, so with the new iOS you can move multiple icons at once.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

One thing that magically disappears when you need it is your TV remote, especially if it’s the little Apple TV remote.

Camera Tips And Tricks Every Iphone 11 Owner Should Know

Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can use your iPhone as a replacement for your Apple TV remote.

Sometimes while using the calculator app on iPhone, we enter a wrong number which spoils your long calculations and we have no option but to click [C] button which clears all the numbers.

Well, you might not know, but there is a way to delete only the last number you accidentally entered in the calculator app. To delete the last number, swipe to the left or right of the numbers.

Although this feature has been around for a while, it’s surprising that some iPhone users still don’t know that their phone’s camera can actually detect and scan a QR code.

Ios Tips And Tricks For The Iphone Power User

To use this feature, point your phone’s camera at the QR code and it will be redirected to the corresponding URL. The camera will then ask if you want to open the URL in Safari.

You can set a sleep timer on your iPhone that stops media playback after a set amount of time. This feature is useful for people who like to fall asleep to music or need white noise as a sleep aid.

Now you can go to sleep without worrying about your iPhone battery draining in the morning because of music.

Tips And Tricks For Iphone

Sometimes you hand over your iPhone to one of those pesky people who has the audacity to flip through your photo album, which might have some photos you’re not too proud of.

Iphone Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Remember: After selecting Hide, the photos you selected will be hidden from all others

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