Trucking Business Profit And Loss Statement

By | February 23, 2023

Trucking Business Profit And Loss Statement – A. The revenue model has two revenue categories: dedicated routes and ground/local freight. This model helps you determine your potential income based on an estimate of your number of drivers and the number of kilometers per day per driver. From there you can set the revenue per mile for each route type, and you can also set the cost per mile (driver wages, fuel, etc.). The model will project your income and direct expenses for five years. The assumed values ​​are automatically transferred to the financial statements.

B. We’ll guide you by entering your monthly expenses into an operating cost model that includes some suggested line items and amounts to get you started. This model fills in the expenses and cash flows in the financial statements for you. You can enter your monthly expenses as fixed amounts, or you can set them based on drivers or miles. The first three months of the model are split separately so you can enter the initial cost.

Trucking Business Profit And Loss Statement

Trucking Business Profit And Loss Statement

C. The General Assumptions model guides you by specifying an assumed asset purchase timeline. For each asset (truck, equipment, etc.) you can enter the purchase date, purchase price and individual financing assumptions, such as down payment, loan amount, term, etc. Our model also calculates cash flows for you. such as interest expense and depreciation.

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D. The payroll model helps calculate monthly employee expenses, including items such as employer taxes and benefits.

A. The Overview tab displays a financial overview in the form of graphs, tables, key figures and financial summaries, ready to be copied into the offer package.

B. There are six tabs for financial reports: annual income statement, cash flow analysis and balance sheet format, as well as month-by-month breakdowns of the same financial reports. Our balance sheets are always balanced, automatically.

C. The Investor Dashboard allows you, the lender or investor, to see the impact of changing some key revenue model assumptions (such as spend per customer). This tab presents the P&L from your model and a special modified P&L that updates when you change the main assumptions. This allows you to see how sensitive your model is to certain variables without changing the information you have already filled in.

Profit And Loss Statement Template

4) If you need help, we are here. We can fill in or change any of the templates we sell and are always happy to answer questions. When you call us, you can speak directly with the model developers, not a call center or customer service representative.

If the model does not suit you, we will gladly refund your money. You can send us a message on our channel.

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