Welding Tips And Tricks Store

By | February 24, 2023

Welding Tips And Tricks Store – The idea came from a recent episode (#110) of the podcast where we discussed marketing your business.

The idea is to make a business card holder that showcases your skills to donate along with some of your welding business cards to a local business like a mom and dad machine shop or an overcrowded job shop.

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

Furthermore, you can even customize the metal type and welding process based on the scope of work the potential customer is doing.

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My friend Roy Crumrine recently moved to Ohio and made some nice business card holders to start building his side welding service there.

Roy is one of the best welders I have ever met and was nicknamed “Crummy” from a young age and that is how he named his company.

Roy made 2 business card holders…one in aluminum and one in stainless steel…both are excellent and show a high level of skill and attention to detail.

For his aluminum card holder Roy also welded some box cutters and coated them with a clear coat and attached them to his business cards.

Professional Tig Finger Welding Tips Tricks Heat Shield Welding Gloves Finger Guard For Tig Welding Tig Glove

But Roy is new to the area, so “word of mouth” will take some time to kick in.

Meanwhile, Roy has several business card holders at local machine shops, tool shops, etc. to get the first jobs that will then help him grow his side welding service.

I started repairing some aluminum aircraft parts, but soon started welding for a small local machine shop.

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

I used to pick up the parts, take them to my own workshop, weld them, then deliver the parts and get paid.

Welding Projects To Organize Your Garage Or Shop — Baker’s Gas & Welding Supplies, Inc

I used to have to wait 30 days or more for payment, but when I only ran out of labor and some argon and rods, it was manageable. I also have an online store where you can get welding equipment and that’s how I get paid for making videos.

Aluminum Tig Welding, Pipe Welding, Welding Certification Test, TIG 4130 Chromolight Welding, MIG Welding Tips, Welding Settings etc.. too many to mention.

There are even hundreds of pages of welding setups with down and dirty 30 second videos showing exact proven setups for all types of welding.

Just type in a search term like “tig welding 4130” or “tig welding aluminum” and all these welding tip sites will pop up just like using Google.

Pcs 15ak Contact Tips Ecu Cucrzr Welder Consumables 0.6 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.2mm M6x25mm Mag Accessory For Mig Welding Torch

Go ahead… Enter anything related to welding or how to weld. Chances are pretty good you’ll find something useful.

I learned a long time ago that you don’t have to be the best to help someone…you just have to be willing to help a fourth grader as a fifth grader.

Whether you are interested in learning about certification testing, TIG welding, MIG welding, stick welding, pipe welding, welding carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum 6061, magnesium AZ31b, titanium 6Al4V, tig welding 4130 chromol, cast iron or even pot metal welding, here you will find some tips for dirty and dirty welding. I think this is the case for most of us because most schools don’t teach socket welding.

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

If the instructors think you are ready to take any test, they will strongly encourage you to go.

Trending Welding Businesses [2023]

As most pipe welding codes are written, the 6 gram pipe test automatically qualifies you to weld thread welds in all positions.

A socket weld is not quite the same as an open butt weld, but the skill set is similar enough that most welders can figure it out quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you are cupwalking or freehand welding, but usually on anything 2 and up and larger, cup walking will be a good way to go.

Sometimes things get in the way, so it’s good to be able to relax while welding.

Welding A Business Card Holder

For TIG welding of carbon steel to stainless steel, the ER309 filler rod is a tried and true TIG rod.

The key may have the chrome vanadium stamp on it, but that may be all the information you have because SnapOn or MAC tools may not reveal what alloy their key is made of.

ER309 is designed for welding carbon steel to stainless steel, but many different weld metals are available. Learning to weld opens up new worlds. Gerrilyn Kujawa, a welder from Minnesota, talks about how to get started and the steps to making good welds.

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

Welding is a unique skill shared by artists, manufacturing professionals and high-tech robots. Gerrilyn Kujawa (@missmetal917) is proud to be a part of this. Meet Brenda Hay, professional welder. She shares her experience of being a woman in a male-dominated store.

Tips And Tricks For Safe, Effective Overhead Welding — Baker’s Gas & Welding Supplies, Inc

Kujawa says inert gas (MIG) welding is the best choice for someone new to welding. A MIG welder uses a gas-shielded filler wire that is fed from a coil through a gun. This creates a molten puddle when the wire touches the workpiece. Shielding gas is usually bottled, but MIG welders can also use flux wire. The current inside the wire creates a protective gas shield so you don’t need gas in bottled gases.

Orientation of the gun in relation to the subject. This should normally be 10 to 15 degrees in the direction of the weld.

The way the gun is moved affects the physical properties and appearance of the weld. To “weave”, sweep the puddle back and forth, resulting in a braid-like weld.

Move too slowly and the ball will pile on itself and look lumpy. If you go too fast, the shielding gas won’t have a chance to protect the weld, making it prone to failure.

Tricks To Achieve The Best Results With Robotic Welding

Eye protection is mandatory when using power tools. This is especially critical when welding, as hot metal is likely to go into the air.

Earplugs or hearing protection – the choice is yours. Many welders choose earplugs because they do not interfere with welding helmets.

It does more than make you look cool. These jackets ($40 to $130) are made of thick leather and prevent sparks and molten metal from burning your clothes or skin.

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

These helmets ($40 to $100) allow you to see normally through the face shield until the gun is fired. As soon as the shield detects a spark, it dims to protect your eyes.

Pcs Welding Tips Tricks Tig Finger Heat Shield Installation Cutting Argon Arc Welding Finger Cots Anti Scalding Glass Cot

Thick leather gloves ($20 to $40) with a long cuff protect your hands and forearms from sparks and molten metal.

Welders use all types of clamps to hold materials in place for welding. You can’t have too many.

You’ll need an angle grinder ($30 to $100) to clean surfaces, shape parts before welding, and grind and refine the ball after welding.

Jay began his work in remodeling and focused on decorative joinery before moving into custom furniture. One project led to another, and he learned about custom architectural accents, low voltage wiring, HVAC, siding and more. As a hobby, Jay makes, repairs and refinishes musical instruments and is involved in sound recording.

Choosing The Correct Welding Technique For Gmaw P

We no longer support IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide a web experience for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Welding projects are fun. I try to do more of them to mix things up and make my videos more interesting. I think it’s more fun to see a weld done on a real welding project than just gluing 2 pieces of metal together.

This has me scratching my head for new ideas, so I just ordered a set of 5 notebooks from the James F Lincoln Foundation (jflf.org) to get new project ideas.

Welding aluminum with Lincoln Powermig 350mp Part 2 I had a job welding thick aluminum and I used this lincoln powermig 350mp with a mk push pull gun. WOW!!

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

Not a cnc type plasma table, just a table that emits fumes from plasma cutting, torch cutting, stick welding or grinding. part 2 plasma cutting table welding project

Cigweld. Australian Welding & Cutting Products

One of the funnest and easiest welding projects I’ve ever done was the Jeep Rear Bumper Kit from Swag Off Road. (swagoffroad.com)

The bumper kit pretty much builds itself…and the Hobart 210 mvp works fine using .035″ er70s-6 wire and 75/25 gas. DIY pressure brake kit from Swag

Another easy welding project that turns into a handy piece of shop equipment when finished… is a metal bending press kit.

But they don’t support my porter cable. So I made it myself and now I use it all the time. It is so convenient.

Stainless Steel Welding

Sometimes I have to make a significant cut on some threaded pipe or rod. Works great for smoking cessation. And I can take the portaband out of the rack to make cuts in the screw if needed. DIY portaband stand

The stand for your portable band saw turns an already useful tool into a vertical band saw for cutting round material, notching sheet metal and more.

And when you want to use it as a portable strap, you simply unclip it and go to town.

Welding Tips And Tricks Store

I don’t move it much. Most of the time it stays anchored in the corner, but sometimes I carry it next to my welding table to trim or cut long pieces without the need for roll stands. Links to welding project pages

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