What New Movies Are On Demand Right Now

By | March 19, 2023

What New Movies Are On Demand Right Now – You may not be experiencing much action or adventure right now, so now is the perfect time to live wildly in the world of movies. Well, really, most of us don’t want to indulge in the stunts you see in action movies. Fighting all those big bad guys and dodging explosions doesn’t sound like much fun. So put on your bandana and get your badge ready, it’s time to check out the 50 best action movies you can stream right now. Before we begin, we’d like to note that all of the “Star Wars” and Marvel movies are available for streaming, though we haven’t included them on this list.

Extraction is the latest action movie to hit Netflix this year. Chris Hemsworth plays a man on a mission…a very violent mission. Obviously, people are eating it up on Netflix, so if you want to see what the fuss is about, check it out.

What New Movies Are On Demand Right Now

What New Movies Are On Demand Right Now

There are three “John Wick” movies available, but you have to start with the first one. While we warn you there’s a scene where the dog falls, it’s going to be a really violent action movie. Keanu Reeves kills it in the lead role and he also kills a lot of men over the course of the movie. Stream it on demand with Sling, the USA app or the Fubo app.

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You may know it as “Live, Die, Repeat” because of the attempt to rebrand it after its release. Tom Cruise is a great action star, but this film is a twist on his usual persona. Cruz doesn’t play a real hero. He plays a reluctant man who finds himself in a loop where every time he is killed he goes back to a point in the past and does it all over again. Think violent groundhog day. Also available on the Edge of Tomorrow USA app.

“The Nice Guys” is many things. It is a period piece. It’s a buddy comedy. Anyway, it’s an action movie about two people, an enforcer and a private eye investigating a missing person case. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are great in this vaguely funny film. Check it out on HBO.

When it comes to movies based on YA series, “The Hunger Games” is at the top of the heap. Four films were released, but “The Hunger Games” kicked off the series. It also helped make Jennifer Lawrence a bona fide movie star. Watch everything from the Freeform app.

Have you seen Best Picture winner “Parasite”? Bong Joon-ho also has a few action movies to his name. “Snowpiercer” always had a silly premise about all the humans living on a train traveling around the world. It’s a crazy movie, but if you like “Parasite,” give it a try on Netflix.

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It’s been a long time, but “Jurassic Park” still perseveres. Even though CGI technology has improved a lot, dinosaurs don’t look ridiculous. Additionally, the storytelling in Steven Spielberg’s iconic epic is truly poignant. “Jurassic Park” is also on the Freeform app.

There’s reason to be skeptical of a new “Jumanji” movie without Robin Williams, 20 years after the original. But it worked well. Welcome to the Jungle is more of a flick than the first film because we actually get to see the people in the game. Dwayne Johnson is one of them, so you know it’s an action movie. You can watch it with the FX app or on demand with Sling.

Kurt Russell was one of the kings of action movies especially in the 80s. This sci-fi thriller is set in the dystopian future of a New York prison. When the owner is kidnapped, the prisoner Snake Plissken must rescue him or die trying. You can watch “Escape from New York” on Peacock.

What New Movies Are On Demand Right Now

As an action film, there may be no better film than Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s a fun-filled adventure with laughs and special moments. He helped make Harrison Ford an even bigger star. It’s already Han Solo, but Indiana Jones is his own thing. Steven Spielberg does it again. Watch it on Netflix.

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You can watch a bunch of streaming James Bond movies and they offer you a variety of action movies. Some of them are cheesy and campy, but Daniel Craig is very serious. His first film in the series was “Casino Royale”, which helped revive interest in Bond after Pierce Brosnan’s last film. Craig’s first Bond adventure was on HBO and DirecTV.

Even if you haven’t seen the first three “Mad Max” movies, you can still watch “Fury Road.” It stands on its own, or rather, competes recklessly on its own. Action movies like this are very few. He doesn’t seem calm until the end. Watch ads with TNT on demand.

Tom Cruise’s first film, “Mission: Impossible,” was released in 1996. More than 20 years later, Cruise has made the sixth film in the series, and he’s doing some crazy stunts. Cruz has been an action movie star for years, but he’s never slowed down. “Fallout” isn’t all big stunts. It is a solid action movie. Watch it on Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Do you love a good car chase? Well, Ronin is one of the most underrated car chases in movie history. It’s not a great film or a classic action film, but it definitely has its supporters. After all, it stars Robert De Niro, and like we said, he owns those car chases. You can watch it on Amazon Prime or free with ads on Tubi.

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Tom Cruise is back. The movie has a lot of crazy sci-fi elements. It’s about a dystopian future where people are arrested for crimes, but can the system be rigged? This is what Cruz is forced to face. “Minority Report” can be seen on Showtime or Fubo.

Alien is a horror movie. “Aliens” is a huge and action packed action movie. This is when James Cameron takes over as director. Many prefer Cameron’s action movie to the original. It’s on HBO and is called EROS.

Game Night is a kind of throwback comedy about people who are in over their heads. Some laypeople think they are participating in a game night, but in reality the action they see is real. So is lead. You can watch it with a Cinemax subscription via Amazon.

What New Movies Are On Demand Right Now

“Tombstone” is based on some real people, including Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. It also has an indelible Old West moment: the shootout at the OK corral. The best reason to watch “Tombstone” is to see Val Kilmer as Holiday. You can watch Bonkers perform with a Showtime subscription.

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James Cameron has once again turned a horror sequel into an action film. In this game, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator is not a villain, but a hero. Also, Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is now solid — which is lucky, because the villain is made of liquid metal. Come watch “Judgment Day” on Showtime with me if you want to live.

Kudos to Christopher Nolan for creating and making a trilogy of films based on an original idea. It’s easy to get all kinds of crazy action and fight scenes when the movie takes place mostly in dreams. You can’t always get around it, but the excitement is there. Stop dreaming and watch “Inception” on Netflix or with the TNT app.

Zombie movies tend to be scary movies, and “Train to Busan” certainly is. But Korean cinema is also an action movie. The men in the movie didn’t just hide at home. They are on the run from a horde of zombies and it’s fun to watch a Korean movie about zombies. You can see “Train to Busan” everywhere. It’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoopla, and Shudder, or you can watch it with ads on Vudu, Tubi, or Crackle.

What do we want to say? This is one of the touching action movies. I changed the type. It made Bruce Willis a superstar. It made Alan Rickman a household name. Even if you’ve seen “Die Hard” dozens of times before, you know you want to watch it again. You can do this with HBO or DirecTV.

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District 9 makes you think for a while that Neill Blomkamp is the next big director. It is an Oscar winning action movie. The movie, made without stars, is part parody, part traditional action movie. Aliens come to Earth and are placed in a ghetto in South Africa. It doesn’t work either way and something has to give. District 9 is shown on Netflix.

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