Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India

By | March 13, 2023

Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India – EIRI compiled 57 project reports for 57 small scale industries with investments between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 1 crore.

The report also describes the latest trends in the global market and various growth opportunities in the near future. The report takes the help of various analytical tools to predict the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India

Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India

Each report includes plant capacity, land and building requirements, plant and machinery, flow sheet diagram, raw material details with supplier list, total capital investment along with detailed rate of return calculation, break even analysis and profitability analysis. . The report also provides a bird’s eye view of the global industry detailing the size of the projected market and then progressing to evaluate the industry in detail.

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EIRI Board is a single destination for all industry, company and country reports. We have a large collection of latest industry reports, top and bottom company profiles and market statistics prepared by highly qualified consultants and verified by a panel of experts.

Note: We can also prepare a project report on any topic based on your requirements and country. If you need, we can change the plan capacity and plan price based on your needs.

Our reports provide extensive market analysis covering areas such as growth drivers, current industry trends as well as a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector.

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The popularity and widespread use of mustard oil can be attributed to its great health benefits. In addition, mustard oil is found… Many of us aspire to be entrepreneurs. Starting a new business involves a huge investment. Some may be interested in starting a simple business and some are thinking of starting a manufacturing business. If you are thinking of starting a productive business with small investment, this article is for you. What are the top 30 best small productive business ideas that can be started with an investment of 10 lakhs? If you can afford some more investment, these can be the best productive business ideas to start with 15 lakhs.

The process of converting raw materials or ingredients into finished products for sale directly to consumers or other manufacturing units is a manufacturing business. A production unit can be simple with few processes required to make it very complex. Division of labor employs man and machine setup. Simple manufacturing units do not require a lot of capital and can be set up with minimal effort. This article presents several productive business ideas that require little investment.

Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India

The manufacturing business has entered a dynamic phase. It has a high potential for growth, but the innovative element must be forgotten. Traditional methods of production and marketing will no longer work. Only the productive units that adapted to the changing environment managed to survive. Also, the degree of competition is now very high in every sector, which can reduce profit margins.

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Here is a list of 10 million business investments. If you can afford more, you can invest up to 15 lakhs.

1)     Packaging boxes and cartons – Packaging boxes and cartons are widely used in our daily life. Items are transported within or outside the country using these cardboard boxes and cases. The cost of its manufacturing machine is between Rs. 5-10 million. A good business to start under 10 lakhs.

2) Production of optical frames – The production of optical frames for any type of spectacle is growing at a very rapid pace. Its production process is very simple. You can import machines from China or any other country which will cost you around Rs. 3 to 5 million. Since plastic is cheap, the cost of raw material is very low, so the screw is installed by hand or with the help of a machine, and if necessary, the last part is to design it. The total cost of making a plastic frame is around Rs. 150 to 200 including labor charges and its selling price is around Rs. 250 to 300.

3) Manufacturing of Incense Sticks – You can start a business of manufacturing Incense Sticks. The profit margin in this business is Rs. 10 per kg and you can easily process 100 kg of raw agarbatti in 10 hours using a high speed machine. The price of the machine is around Rs. 4 lakhs

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4)     Custom t-shirt printing – You may have seen people wearing t-shirts with their names or some personal message. Such t-shirts are in trend these days. These t-shirts are made using a printing machine. This can be another excellent business idea.

5)     Handkerchief Making – Papers are required everywhere, be it restaurants, cafes, tea stalls, food centers, weddings, parties etc. The price of tissue paper making machine is less than 500 rupees. 5 lakhs. The scope for growth in this business is huge. It is one of the best small productive business ideas to start with a small investment.

6)     Making Jute Bags – Jute bags are used to pack different types of grains. For this business you need two simple machines – one for cutting and one for sewing and with the help of two or three papers you can easily start this business. It is a very low investment business.

Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India

7)     Packaged drinking water – Packaged drinking water is in high demand in commercial and residential areas. With the increasing hygiene concerns of people, its demand has increased even more. You can pack drinking water in different sizes like half liter, 1 liter bottles or 10 or 20 liter cans.

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8)     Making Designer Candles – Designer scented and colored candles are in demand throughout the year and especially during the festive season. They are widely used as decorations in homes, birthdays and weddings, restaurants, hotels etc. The production of candles is done with the help of machines and the cost is not much. This is one of the best small business ideas to start with a small investment.

9)     Making mobile phone cases – The tremendous increase in the use of mobile phones has increased the need for mobile phone cases that protect the mobile phone from scratches or damage. It is a very profitable business. 1 simple plastic case manufacturing cost is below Rs. 30 and the selling price is Rs. 150.

10)   Towel Making – You can start making towels. They are always needed in homes or hotels. The cost of production depends on the machinery and raw materials used in production. Generally, his small business can be established between Rs. 5 to 7 million.

11) Health and Fitness Center – Keeping fit has become the need of the hour. People spend good money to keep themselves in good health. This is the reason; It has become a profitable business. Initially, you can start a center with a few types of machines and as the business grows, you can bring in new ones.

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12) Spa Treatment – ​​Spa is an excellent source for mental and physical relaxation. Spa treatments include physical therapy, facial massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, manicure, pedicure, etc. This is one of the best business to start under 10 million. You need to provide a good and calm atmosphere and calm environment for this business.

13)   Production of pens – A pen costs between Rs. 5 to 10 in the market, so imagine how much lower the cost of production would be. It is a small scale industry that requires very little investment and production is on a large scale. Use only good quality ink and the reputation you need. Design and appearance are also very important in this business. It is one of less than 10 million small productive business ideas.

14) Production of Soap and Detergents – Soaps and detergents can be easily produced with the help of men and machines. These are common items that are used in every home, so the demand is constant. Today, herbal soaps and soaps are preferred over synthetic soaps. So make a good eco-friendly formula and get good profit from it.

Which Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business In India

15)   Production of toys – There are many toys available, from which one can choose plastic or wooden or other toys. Prepare a complete collection of them. Toy making is an art. You can use your creativity to create variety in it. The investment depends on the type of toy you choose. This is one of the top small productive business ideas to start for high profits. It can be a great business to start with 15 lakhs

Best Small Business Ideas To Start In 2023

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