Which Business Is Booming In Kenya

By | March 21, 2023

Which Business Is Booming In Kenya – There are many business opportunities in Kenya to start and earn a small living. It doesn’t matter how much capital you have because you can start from Ksh 200 up to millions. Most people who want to start their own small business are primarily looking for career independence so they don’t have to work 9am to 5pm. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the booming businesses in Kenya today.

Here are some business ideas and it is only up to you to decide which of the most profitable businesses you want to start the most.

Which Business Is Booming In Kenya

Which Business Is Booming In Kenya

Selling fruit salad is an attractive business idea that can be started with small capital. What makes such a business profitable is that Kenyans always want to be healthy; So you already have a ready market. To start a medium-sized fruit salad business, you need at least 10,000 depending on your location.

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Most people enjoy watching movies and series; However, not everyone can afford to download such movies. For this reason, opening a cinema venue is a viable business idea as long as there is a need for it. A minimum of 1,000 to 10,000 can be earned in a day depending on where the store is located. For example, if you have 100 customers a day selling films for 50 shillings each, that’s 5,000 a day.

Over time one can add other services like playing Play Station and this will still work as many people cannot afford to buy the device at home. Quality service will ensure you have friendly customers and very soon you will open a chain of film stores in different parts of Kenya.

The digital age has resulted in many people having to shop online and hence online shops are one of the fastest growing businesses in Kenya. Around 90% of Kenyans use social media in one way or another. Because of this, it is best to have an online site where customers can view your wares. There are many established online businesses on Facebook and Instagram. No matter what you want to sell, all you need are the right social media marketing skills and you’ll be on the right track. In addition, you can offer incentives like free delivery and installation services to attract more customers.

Printing and copying are among the most profitable business ideas to start today. Such a business is very profitable, especially if you live near a college or university. This is because students always want your services. To start such a business you need a small capital of Ksh 7,000.

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Opening a salon or kinozi is not only profitable, but also the easiest. For example, a person with a small capital of only 5,000 can start his own business. Also, one can start making house calls to get enough money before deciding to rent an apartment. An average salon or hairdresser’s stand costs between 6,000 and 15,000 euros, depending on the location.

To add to the list, here are some of the best companies in Kenya that require little capital and are also very profitable.

It’s often said that you can never go wrong when dealing with women. Because every woman in Nairobi wants to look beautiful. At the moment, women prefer gel nail polish; Therefore, a nail salon is the best shop in Kenya for manicure and pedicure. You need about 5,000 to start and you can do house calls before renting a booth.

Which Business Is Booming In Kenya

The car wash business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi and big cities that most youngsters venture into as it doesn’t take much to get started. All it takes is a constant supply of water and you’re good to go. On average you can charge 200 shillings per wash and if you clean 100 cars a day you can easily make 20,000. I’ve noticed that most of the car washes in my area also offer carpet cleaning services. In this job, one should hire some people to help them and if they are diligent enough, you can even earn 400,000 monthly.

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This is a business idea that most individuals are reluctant to embark on. However, retail is a booming business opportunity in Mitumba and for as little as 1,000 Kenyan shillings you can sell second-hand clothes. All you need is a great place to sell your clothes and where to buy them. Most people in this business category source their trade from Gikomba and Muthurwa markets in Nairobi. I remember my college roommate was in this industry, starting with just 1,000 bobs. She used to sell women’s clothes that she bought in Gikomba and promoted to fellow students on Facebook and by word of mouth. Over time her business grew and now she has a stall in the busiest mall in town.

Currently, most families use baby diapers for their babies unlike in the past where diapers reigned. One can take advantage of this market and start a small business selling baby diapers. You just need a supplier who can sell them to you at a good wholesale price so you can make a profit after distribution. Initially, you can do door-to-door delivery, which you can expand later. This business idea requires little capital and you can get started with 5,000.

Do you like to cook? Why not turn that passion into a booming business opportunity? Many people with great culinary skills regret not having started a catering business. A catering business can be started with little capital, let’s say Ksh. 5,000, and with drive and passion it can grow into a profitable business. Also, you can start small by cooking in your apartment and then deliver to offices, matatu crews, bodaboda operators and “mjango” people. If you have 50 customers per day, you can earn more than 40,000 monthly. So you want to start a successful business but are worried about the potential difficulties of getting funding for a startup? While many business ideas require significant investment, great companies in Kenya require little capital to start with 30,000. So if you’re short on cash, these business ideas should be at the top of your list.

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Starting a business can be a challenging journey and a great risk, which explains why many small businesses close within the first year. One of the main reasons for the high failure rate is that entrepreneurs choose the wrong idea. If you are planning to start a business, you must have a unique and great business idea.

What kind of business can I start with 30,000 and make huge profits in a short period of time? There are many good business ideas that don’t require a lot of capital. If you’re running out of ideas, check out the list of small business ideas below for inspiration.

This is the best deal to start with on a small budget. If you have enough space in your home to accommodate a few children, you will need little or no capital to set up a daycare.

Which Business Is Booming In Kenya

In the current economic situation, parents cannot afford household help and prefer to take their children to day care centers. If you spend time with children, you earn well.

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A grocery store is a business that is easy to start, especially in big cities if you have the capital. Fast-moving products on the market include groceries. Few people in urban areas have small vegetable gardens, meaning food is a basic need.

To be successful in business, make sure you sell fresh produce and provide quality customer service. Establishing a grocery store in a residential area with adequate traffic brings more profit.

This is the most lucrative business you can start in Kenya with 30,000. Because there are too many cars on Kenya’s roads. Most car owners visit a car wash at least once a week, and as long as you choose a good location, this business has a good chance of succeeding.

You need to make sure you have an adequate water supply and enough parking space for at least two cars. If you don’t have enough money to buy a car washing machine, you can start washing the car yourself with your hands so that you can save enough money to buy a machine.

Profitable One Person Business Ideas To Try In Kenya

Chicken farming is one of the most productive agricultural activities. Broilers are the best option as they take a few weeks to mature.

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