Which Business Is Most Demand In India

By | March 25, 2023

Which Business Is Most Demand In India – On a scale of 100, the Business Today-C Business Confidence Index (BCI) jumped to 49.6 in the July-September quarter (Q2) of FY22 after touching a low of 43.2 in the April-June quarter ( Q1) of the flow. fiscal year.

The Business Today-C for Business Sentiment Survey, which captures the sentiment of corporate India, has been a leader in business and economic sentiment since its inception in January-March 2011.

Which Business Is Most Demand In India

Which Business Is Most Demand In India

Business sentiment in India Inc rebounded strongly in the second quarter of FY22 as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic eased, according to the latest Business Today-C Business Confidence Index ( BCI).

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On a scale of 100, the index jumped to 49.6 in the July-September quarter (Q2) of FY22 after touching a low of 43.2 in the April-June quarter (Q1) of the current fiscal year.

The BCI, which is based on the Business Today-C Business Confidence Survey, further shows that business sentiment has increased across all companies – large, medium, small and micro – and has reached its highest point in reached in the last 10 quarters.

Aroon Purie, Editor-in-Chief, India Today Group, of which Business Today is a part, says the current survey shows strong optimism among businesses.

“Business sentiment has been falling for several quarters, but the latest BCI has risen to a 10-quarter high. ,” referring to Purie.

India’s Industrial Sector

The index further shows that as the economy opens up and business returns to normal, India Inc’s elites are feeling better about the state of the economy as well as business.

The increase in the BCI in July and September is a direct result of the increase in economic activity in the last quarter. The shutdown of almost all businesses after the second wave of COVID-19, coupled with an increase in demand, has changed the outlook of business leaders, according to a survey.

The BCI is based on a survey of 500 CEOs and CFOs of companies in large, medium and small groups in 12 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Nagpur, Kochi, Vizag and Bhubaneswar.

Which Business Is Most Demand In India

The survey, conducted between September 28 and October 4, is part of the October 31 issue of Business Today magazine, which is on newsstands now.

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For the September quarter, scores on the five parameters included in the survey — general economic conditions, financial conditions, demand conditions, profit margins and employment conditions — were better than the previous survey.

The outlook for the next quarter – October-December 2021 – is also positive across all parameters, the study said.

It also indicates that 80 percent of corporate leaders are financially prepared to deal with a possible third wave of COVID-19. Another 45 percent believe that the government’s asset monetization plan would provide a strong boost to economic activity and employment.

Meanwhile, 63 percent of respondents do not expect financing or interest costs to rise over the next year, and 76 percent say lifting the moratorium and credit restructuring would take two years , provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government. increasing financial pressure in the system. CHANDIGARH: Post-quarantine, some sectors will be in long-term losses and work from home will be the new mantra of the Indian economy even as things stabilize and the country is able to contain Covid-19. -in, say industry experts.

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When asked about the shape of Economy 2.0, they see growth in the IT, manufacturing, hospitality and home delivery sectors and see India with the potential to be a world leader in manufacturing, with implications social indeed. Chandigarh Automobile Dealers Federation president Partap Hoon said, “The loss of the auto industry will be longer. Business won’t be restarting anytime soon. No one buys cars or motorcycles right after the quarantine. People are afraid to go out, moods are low, and cars and bikes are not a priority.”

Chandigarh Hotel and Restaurant Association President Manmohan Singh Kohli said, “The hospitality industry is in a slump right now. People are now working from home and the hotel industry is fully capable of delivering food to them safely. India has the potential to contain the coronavirus and become a world-class manufacturer. National security comes first, but now the government should reconsider the gradual reopening of certain sectors. “

Pumpkart CEO KS Bhatia said, “Potential consumers will continue to avoid public spaces and look for digital services beyond retail, including home delivery of food and essentials. This is a great opportunity for beginners with B2C business models. There will be an increase in online demand for groceries, consumer staples, essential customer services and even hotel food delivery.”

Which Business Is Most Demand In India

He says working from home will emerge as a new industry where startups contribute to technological innovation. . Electronics are suffering now, but the durable goods industry will get a boost as smart TVs and home theaters replace conventional cinemas. People invest in luxury homes, giving birth to a new industry built on the spending power of the upper middle class. B2B industries, industries that involve human interaction and physical participation, such as aviation and hospitality, are the hardest. “

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The government needs to increase its health and education budgets to be able to run e-schools and e-clinics, because places won’t be opening anytime soon. Starting with these business solutions will rebuild the economy.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has also submitted its proposals to the government to revive various sectors with relief packages.

Running out of money to pay employees and workers, the auto industry is expected to celebrate First Day before the end of April.

Speaking for car dealers, Hoon said: “The aid package is vital to keeping our business alive. States should bear our burden of providing funds, workers’ compensation insurance and labor development managers. All traders are concerned about the April salary.

A Shopkeeper Arranges Signs With Prices Of Rice At A Shop In Mumbai March 19, 2009. Indian Inflation Headed Towards Zero In Early March And Analysts Tipped It Would Soon Turn Negative,

Many vehicle registrations are pending for dealers of BS4 vehicles sold before March 31. The files were submitted online, but the physical papers were not deposited with the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA).

Berkeley Square owner Sanjay Dahuja said, “Inventories of various car brands are being moved as there is no movement due to quarantine. The shares of the company reside in our gardens. Stamps should be interested.”

Automobile industry wants reduction in GST to 18% for at least six months, interest waiver on deferred monthly loan installment and working capital etc. for six months, six months waiver of PF and ESI, state to bear wage cost for the lock-in period, and access to electricity bills.

Which Business Is Most Demand In India

The Chandigarh Hotel and Restaurant Association has sought permission to deliver food from hotel kitchens to people’s doorsteps. Hotels promise to respect social distancing rules. They paid their salary for March, but now they lack money. Hotelier Manmohan Singh Kohli said, “There is no information about the amount of decaying perishables in the springs. No sales, no walking, no tourists. Now it’s a matter of basic survival. “

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His opinion: “Allow several food establishments and their kitchens to open and operate with minimal staff.”

Five Chandigarh-based business associations have asked the UT administration to waive electricity bills and property tax of their members for at least six months to stop unrest and exodus.

Chandigarh Chamber of Commerce, Chandigarh Business Association, Laghu Udyog Bharti, Chandigarh Youth Business Association and Chandigarh Turning Blocks Association have signed the request for SME incentive package. He will not be able to pay electricity, water and rent bills for at least 3 months from the day the quarantine is lifted, and property tax for another six.

They want to be paid only for the actual consumption of the units. Chandigarh Chamber of Commerce President Naveen Manglani said, “India’s economy was in decline even before Covid-19. In addition, MSMEs (small, small and medium enterprises) have 20 non-working days. The UT administration has delayed the payment of the bill for three months, but we want an exemption of at least six months, because the businesses would be closed without production and they would have money when it comes to end “

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A quick survey to assess the impact of the CII shutdown among Northern CEOs (CEOs) shows that three-quarters of them see India in a better position than many other countries to deal with the pandemic disease. Even without enough tests, the country of 130 million uses a massive surveillance network to track down infected people and quarantine them. CII used a virtual platform to poll these 70 CEOs from various regions, seven states (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand) and three Union Territories (Chandigarh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir) .

After May 3, more than four-fifths of respondents want the government to consider reopening the economy gradually, while 58% cite a lack of money as their biggest concern ‘ have, followed by supply chain bottlenecks and labor shortages. Most of them predict a sharp drop in their companies’ top and bottom line profits, with 10% fewer jobs.

Among them were 54%.

Which Business Is Most Demand In India

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