Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

By | March 15, 2023

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra – This is one of the biggest questions in the world of essential oils – and it is appropriate, since these two companies are the most “giant” in the market of essential oils.

Obviously, if you’ve been thinking about buying essential oils, or getting involved in essential oils as a business, you’ve asked yourself the same question – which is better, Young Living or doTERRA?

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

This post is not an independent comparison of the two companies. Only one post was part of my search for the “best” essential oil company, because these two companies were the main part of my search.

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Before we compare Young Living and doTERRA, let me say that I had to admit that I have made some mistakes in the past.

My opinion is that the Lilla Rose Flexi Clips are a waste of money (see “I was wrong” Lilla Rose review).

After starting my journey with essential oils (which I didn’t expect to continue, by the way – at first I thought essential oils were a scam), I went with Young Living. Because it worked.

I was very happy with the results, but when I started writing about essential oils, I started to think twice. In particular, one representative from doTERRA started to point out some things that made me reconsider my decision and asked whether or not I made the right decision.

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And as I researched, many other things emerged about Young Living and doTERRA that made me think and wonder. For both companies.

It was difficult to analyze everything, but I will share some information for you here so that you know some of the concerns that came to me. That’s not the only thing I found confusing, but there are many.

Today I’m going to share what happened and look at the “critical disruption” in the Essential Oils Industry–

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

If you’ve searched for essential oils, you’ve probably come across Young Living and doTERRA.

The Lawsuit Against $1.5 Billion Essential Oil

First, Young Living was the first on the block. They actually made essential oils. There is something to be said for that.

However, there are some very unpleasant things about D. Gary Young on the Internet. Yes, the internet can be full of facts and lies. But I still think these things might be worth thinking about. Dr. Stephen Barrett wrote a lot of bad things about D. Gary Young. In fact, this information is so great that it made me pause when I want to enroll in YL. I mean, Stealth Oil worked well for me, but I didn’t like what I read.

Well, I have concerns about Mr. Barrett – especially he is an “anti-alternative therapy” dog. And I like other treatments. Most of them, at least.

I am very concerned about the abuse that occurs in some medical treatments. But I am also worried about the cruelty of western medicine.

Young Living Essential Oils Lied To Distributors About Ingredient Sourcing

My family and I have been harmed by Western medicine (overuse of antibiotics, misuse, doctors who don’t know about acid reflux, etc.). Sometimes, we are healed

I know there is violence everywhere. But Quackwatch seems to focus on everything else: Chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine….You name it. If it’s the other way around, it’s Barrett’s goal.

I could go on and on about his website, but suffice it to say I don’t know all of Barrett’s criticisms of Gary Young. (UPDATE – All of Mr. Barrett’s comments against Gary Young seem to have been deleted so I can’t quote them again.)

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

However, his writings on Young Living and Gary Young leave something to ponder. More so based on my research…

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I found this interesting article about Young Living’s OSHA violations. I did not find any other oil companies, although I did not search

The essential oil industry, of course. It will take a long time and I won’t get it all.

Now, Young Living is a very old oil company, so they have committed violations many times, and all violations seem to be the same.

Of course, OSHA violations don’t mean a company is bad. If they clean their ways well, then their new ways will be better than before.

En_us Digital Product Guide 2020 By Young Living Essential Oils

A good number (updated 4/2015) of Young Living farms are located in the US. I think it’s good for a company to “manage” their products, but it’s not good if you follow the philosophy that plants grow well (and get them). healing properties) when they grow in their environment (which should be natural).

If you read the description of Essential Oils Parts 2 & 3, you will see that Young Living highlights the fact that YL’s farms are located in the US as an opportunity – they provide Young Living manages the entire process. Maybe, but some companies like doTERRA and many other companies I’ve looked at claim that their oils come from anywhere that plants naturally grow to be the best.

I bought Young Living, doTERRA, Mountain Rose Herbs, Aura Cacia, and 2 other companies’ essential oils and did a little “Smell Challenge” with my Research Team of (my family).

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

In the mail I received from Young Living when I signed up, there was a Thieves® Oil brochure. The pamphlet stated that research had been done and appeared to explain the benefits of the oil.

International Essential Oils Day Promotion

I looked up the test online to see what they said because I wanted to know the exact results and found out, however, that the study was done with regular Eucalyptus Oil – not the Stealing Oil.

Huh? So it seemed to me that the company was saying that it was proven that their Thieves® oil was proven to be effective when the fact is that Eucalyptus, one of the components of Thieves®, was proven to be effective.

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we cannot comment on any research articles or provide this information as it may violate FDA regulations. You may wish to contact Life Science Publishers at 1-800-336-6308 or www.lifesciencepublishers.com and Sound Concepts at 1-888-285-6317, 801-225- 9520 or www.essentialproductinfo com. These companies have many products or reviews that have valuable information about essential oils and supplements and may be able to help you. What is that smell?:

As of the 2018 update of this post, all or most oils from Young Living do not have their country of origin listed on this page.

Essential Oils Compared: Edens Garden Vs Young Living

In addition to buying the Young Living Starter Kit, I also bought several doTERRA essential oils to try YL. I interviewed doTERRA and many of the company’s employees, and I used their oils for a while.

One thing I don’t care about is that many doTERRA representatives (and company employees) say things like, “You know it works by smelling it.”

From the doTERRA website: “A 100% pure therapeutic essential oil should be aromatic and fragrant and should smell good.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what “crystal stone” means.

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

Before I go into details- I mentioned about disease processes in one of my previous posts. Basically, the philosophy behind essential oils is that you put parts of the plant and water in a flask and under pressure and a little heat, you extract the essential oils from the tree.

Do Essential Oils Stain?

They travel down the pipe and into the bowl—along with the steam. The oil collects on top of the water and is removed and—voila—you have essential oils.

The most desirable, and most expensive (and most effective) oils are those collected during the first stage of distillation. Because the oil is called “first distilled.”

Most peppermint oil smells like the peppermint you find growing in nature. Kind of herby and not like a candy bar.

Peppermint flavored candy appears, according to many reports, possibly from a re-infection. The oil is sweetened or added with other ingredients to give the oil a pleasant sweet smell. (Now).

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Well-please note that there is much debate about what this means or means. I do not know. But I am sharing what I am learning and reading.

Another option is to do something with peppermint oil to reduce the weed smell.

This is the scent of doTERRA peppermint oil. It’s great, if you have kids in the house, you can keep them away from you.

Which Is Better Young Living Or Doterra

You can tell him that we Peppermintus to fill the disease. There are 1, 2, 3, and after and we use them all. (Source: my email.)

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So if it’s true that pre-refining the oil is important (and there really are primary and secondary refineries), then it’s not that high. their pepper oil.

If nothing like peppermint cleaning,

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