Which Trades Are In Demand

By | March 3, 2023

Which Trades Are In Demand – Are you considering a new career? Whether you’ve just finished school or are considering a change of path, you may want to consider a career in the industry.

Canada is currently facing a shortage of skilled tradespeople. Despite offering the opportunity to enjoy a high standard of living, artisan occupations do not attract enough new professionals to meet demand. This is mainly due to outdated stereotypes about blue-collar jobs, such as low-paying or unsatisfying jobs. But forget what you think you know about business! For example, surveys of people in the construction industry show that they are happier in their careers than other Canadians.

Which Trades Are In Demand

Which Trades Are In Demand

Pursuing a career in retail doesn’t mean you have to give up great pay for your passion. Entrepreneurs also earn impressively high salaries. For example, after completing your electrician training, you could earn over $63,000, which is the average salary for electricians in Canada.

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Still not convinced that a career in the industry is a great idea? Check out this infographic on 4 awesome benefits of a career as a marketer.

The purpose of North American Trade Schools () is to provide students with a post-secondary education in a private higher education environment. Our training programs are practical, intensive and results-oriented. We provide the skills you need to find employment in today’s workforce. Skilled trade jobs are occupations that require practical training and skills and do not necessarily require a degree. Individuals engaged in trade acquire their skills through technical formal education or through informal on-the-job training in the form of apprenticeships.

Many of these professional occupations have been in demand over the years, and even in the coming years, the demand for employees with strong practical and specialized skills is expected to increase.

Canada is looking for skilled tradespeople to work in its growing industrial economy, and you should take advantage.

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The Canadian government has created a special immigration program to facilitate and speed up the immigration process for overseas workers. One such program is the federal Skilled Worker Program. You could immigrate to Canada in less than a year if you meet the eligibility criteria for this program.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a qualified business person, you should consider some of the on-demand business offers in Canada.

With a strong emphasis on higher education and even being ranked as one of the most educated countries in the world in 2020, Canada has an abundance of qualified educated professionals. However, there is a shortage of skilled tradesmen as many fast-growing industries require skilled tradesmen for employment, particularly in manufacturing. Workers with practical business skills are therefore in high demand to fill this gap.

Which Trades Are In Demand

The work environment in Canada supports and encourages a healthy work-life balance. When you work for a company that provides you with adequate benefits such as adequate paternity leave, enough vacation days, and unemployment insurance, you should find fulfillment in your work. And add to that that many jobs facilitate social interaction, so you’re also building a valuable social network while you’re at work. And also satisfaction at work and happiness in general, because you are adequately rewarded for your work and you can easily advance up the career ladder.

Top Skilled Trade Jobs In Demand In Canada In 2023

The fastest and easiest way to immigrate to Canada as a trade worker is through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSTP), one of the programs managed by the Express Entry system. With this special program, you can immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system in as little as 6-12 months. What do an occupational therapy assistant, a solar panel installer, and an app developer have in common? All work in skilled trades, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects are among the fastest-growing occupations in America.

The labor market as a whole is expected to grow by 6 million jobs between 2019 and 2029, but certain industries – including energy, healthcare and technology – will see the greatest growth.

We rolled up our sleeves and dug through the data to find the jobs with the greatest growth potential in the skilled trades. Most require skills that can be learned in less time; some require a bachelor’s degree. Your next career move could be on the list.

If you love the outdoors and are not afraid of heights, this job could be for you. (Credit: Oleksii Sidorov/Shutterstock)

Supply And Demand Zones (use This Method To Find Trades Now)

Thanks to improvements in technology, the cost of producing wind power is becoming cheaper, making wind power more attractive to municipalities and companies looking to transition away from coal and natural gas. The number of turbines being built is expected to grow exponentially – and this growth is creating a need for more wind turbine technicians. In fact, wind turbine technician is projected to be the fastest growing occupation, increasing by 61% by 2029.

These technicians are involved in many aspects of the wind energy industry – installing, inspecting, repairing and operating turbines that generate electricity.

The green energy field is exploding due to job opportunities. Solar technicians can make good money while making clean energy available to more consumers. (Credit: Zstock/Shutterstock)

Which Trades Are In Demand

The cost of capturing solar energy continues to drop, causing more businesses and homeowners to add solar panels and take advantage of this natural energy source. This is the main factor causing the increased demand for solar energy techniques.

The 7 Trade Jobs That Are Most In Demand Today

These detail-oriented workers assemble solar panels and place them on buildings, in open spaces, or anywhere the sun’s rays can be easily captured and converted into usable energy.

Occupational therapy assistants teach clients to overcome obstacles and encourage them at every step. (Credit: Gagliardi Photography/Shutterstock)

Five of the 20 fastest-growing jobs overall are in the healthcare industry, and the occupational therapy assistant (OTA) is part of that trend. Hiring for OTAs is expected to increase by 35% by 2029.

These therapy aids help people regain mobility lost due to an accident, stroke or other cause and regain the ability to perform daily activities. They also help children with autism and other developmental disabilities. They work under the guidance of an occupational therapist and help clients of all ages perform therapeutic activities such as stretching.

Trade School Careers: Why Trade Schools Result In High Demand Jobs

Patients recovering from illness or injury benefit from the expertise of a physical therapy assistant. These professionals conduct one-on-one sessions and focus on addressing a specific biomechanical problem, such as an injured shoulder.

Jobs in this field are expected to grow by 33% this decade, in part due to the aging of boomers who have been active much longer than previous generations—and want to stay active.

Physical therapy assistants are generally part of a larger team of physicians who assist the patient. Team models of health care are becoming increasingly popular, which is another reason these positions are in demand.

Which Trades Are In Demand

These high-tech professionals help ensure computer network security. Sophisticated network security and privacy are increasingly necessary in all industries, but especially in healthcare and banking. Due to the increased threat of cyber-attacks and other hacking schemes, the number of jobs for information security analysts is expected to increase by 31%.

High Demand Skilled Tradespeople

New opportunities are opening up for software developers due to the large number of products that use the software. (Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

Whether it’s building business applications or developing mobile games, the work of software developers is woven into every aspect of our professional and personal lives. These developers design and test new software or the systems that support that software. Job opportunities are expected to increase due to increased demand for all digital platforms – from new smartphone apps to software used by the healthcare industry.

A software quality analyst and tester creates tests to make sure new programs do what they claim to do.

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Which Trades Are In Demand

Before becoming a solar technician, Michael Crawford was an electrician who saw a bright future in the industry. He’s glad he made the leap.

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